Helpful Guides
At Autograph Foliages we take pride in being industry experts. We know that figuring out what products you need for your next project can be a challenge, so we've assembled some helpful articles to assist you along the way! Our guides will cover products we sell as well as design details and ideas, all while covering industry information. Have a guide you'd like to see? Reach out and we'll gladly advise!
Christmas Guide
Learn about all the Christmas products we carry and tips on creating the perfect Christmas wonderland!
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Christmas Lighting Guide
Knowing what lights to use for Christmas decorations can be a challenge. Check out this guide on Christmas lighting for design tips.
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Christmas Tree Guide
Christmas trees are a big part of Christmas decor. Learn about the various trees we offer and design ideas.
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Green Wall Guide
Green walls are a modern, beautiful way to add nature to urban environments. Learn about all the our custom Green Walls panels and components!
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We are more than happy to help you pick the perfect decorations for your holiday design. Give us a call or email us and we’ll help you find the best fit!