Our Polyblend® Artificial Trees and Topiaries can be purchased with a wood trunk, weighted base, as a topiary ball, or with custom-made design. Some of the popular foliage types for our Polyblend® Faux Trees and Topiaries are Boxwood, Azalea, and Ming Aralia.

Autograph Foliages has a versatile collection of Polyblend® outdoor trees and topiaries that are the perfect outdoor shrubbery for any type of space. 

Here are some key features of the artificial trees and topiaries collection.

  • Range of shapes & styles: Autograph Foliages have custom style Polyblend trees trees and topiaries in different styles and shapes that suit all settings. We have a selection of artificial custom-made trees with weighted base or wood trunks, Polyblend UV topiary balls, and custom-made design options. We offer a variety of shapes, too, which include Boxwood pyramids, Boxwood Ball Topiary, and Boxwood Teardrop.

  • Different Sizes: Different Sizes: Autograph produces outdoor trees suitable for both indoor and outdoor commercial use. These trees can have natural wood trunks or synthetic wood trunks, and are available in custom sizes ranging from shrub-like at 3 feet tall to 15 feet tall. The shipping time for these trees is typically 2 to 4 weeks, depending on availability.  For high-profile installations across the globe, Autograph specializes in custom trees that are 20 feet tall (OAH) or higher.  These specialty custom trees require a minimum of 5 to 6 weeks in advance.  Customers can specify the foliage canopy style and coverage they prefer for their custom tree. Autograph offers columnar, rounded, oval, weeping, or spreading foliage canopy.  Autograph's custom-made artificial trees are designed to meet the installation requirements of project designers, architects, contractors, and subcontractors. They are engineered with professional-grade materials that are UV resistant, water-proof, and constructed for durability and longevity by Autograph's highly skilled tree technicians.
  • Color Galore: If you want to add a pop of color to your green decor, you're in luck! There is much more than just green in our collection. We carry synthetic UV  flowering topiaries and trees in various colors like pink, orange, red, and white
  • Variety of Foliage Types:  The Polyblend® UV Replica Trees and Topiaries collection is a proud treasure trove of the most vibrant and diverse foliage types. Our premium line of Polyblend branches, including Palm Fronds, Flowering Azalea, or Gardenia, Bamboo Branch, Willow,  Pine Branches, Banyan Branch, Ficus Branch, Oak and Maple Branches, Juniper Leaves, Olive Branch, Podocarpus, and many others, will leave you spellbound. At Autograph, we go all out to craft custom trees throughout the year for film and movie sets, amusement parks, museums, and other commercial applications. Our hand-crafted Olive Trees, Cypress or Boxwood Topiaries, Bamboo Palm, Oak or Maple Trees,  and Palm Trees, are made to order with utmost care and precision to replicate the authenticity of a living tree. Experience the unparalleled beauty of nature with our Polyblend® UV Replica Trees and Topiaries collection.
  1. Low Maintenance: Artificial trees require minimal maintenance compared to live trees and can be installed anywhere without worrying about access to adequate sunlight, water, or air.

  2. Simple installation: The faux trees and topiaries from Autograph Foliages are easy to install and can instantly enhance your space's beauty. They are perfect for all kinds of spaces, including retail, office, commercial or residential. 
  3. Natural & Earthy Look: Our collection comprises trees and topiaries that not only look natural but feel natural, too. They can help you achieve an earthy and natural ambiance in any space. 

We carry wholesale faux trees and topiaries from Polyblend UV foliage at competitive prices. The highlight of our collections is the durable, low-maintenance greenery solutions in various sizes, colors, and textures. We have several customization options that offer limitless variety.