About Us

Over the past 40 years, we have developed strong and happy relationships with many of our customers - who today, are great, great friends of Autograph! And to them, we are very grateful for their friendship and business partnership. We look ahead to the next generation and beyond to continue those key relationships. Furthermore, it is our hope to continue building more lasting relationships with new customers and friends in the industry.

Autograph Foliages manufactures quality artificial plants, trees, Fire Retardant plants, and artificial Christmas trees wholesaleAs a wholesale artificial plant supplier - we stock thousands of items year round including Christmas Foliage. For seasonal decor, natural-like pre-lit LED Christmas trees is our specialty.  From artificial mini accent trees to 7.5 Ft. Trees, 9 Ft. Trees and up to 50' Christmas Trees, we have various styles of trees including pencil and slim, to Full Deluxe sizes trees.  Autograph also carries Christmas trees with various light styles, Warm White LED Lights, Pure White LED Lights, and Multi-Functional LED Lights. Matching artificial PE/PVC or PVC wreaths, garlands and swags are available.  Choose Autograph Foliages as your main source for wholesale Christmas wreaths, Trees, Garlands and Commercial Holiday Decor

Holiday specialties of Autograph include commercial Christmas Decorations for Indoor and Outdoor Use! Our Commercial Christmas Wholesale expanding line has all the traditional and non-traditional Christmas essentials. Life-size Fiberglass Nutcrackers, Dancing Reindeer, Santa's Sleigh, and Various Life-size, High Gloss or Colorful Glitter Ornament Balls, all from our Christmas by Autograph product line! 


We look forward to meeting you and working on many new and exciting projects to come!