One of the most popular artificial foliage used in interior and exterior landscaping is the Agave Plant. The Agave foliage, a succulent, native to the southern U.S., Mexico, and tropical areas of South America  includes several known species such as, Agave Americana, Agave Tequilana or Blue Agave, Agave Marginata, Agave Attenuata, Agave Chiapensis, Agave Salmiana, Agave Ferox, among many others. 

Autograph’s Agave foliage mimics live agave so well because our foliage is made with the finest quality material and hand painted for added realism.  Inherent Fire Retardant Agave Plants are available and pass the ASTM-E84 Testing. 

Agaves are sold in assortment of sizes from picks to potted plants and greenery.  Use our agave picks for decorative wall décor or beautify your interior and exterior landscaping with Autograph’s Agave Plants today!