Our new artificial succulents make a perfect addition to any interior or exterior setting. Our faux succulents may be available as picks, stems/sprays, tropical plants, and Fire Retardant.

A winning combination of exotic allure and minimal maintenance, Autograph Foliages’ artificial succulents are a go-to choice for commercial design projects large and small.

Mimicking some of Mother Nature’s most artistic creations, our artificial succulents stand the conventional rules of design on their heads. And they’re available in a dizzying range of shapes, sizes and colors. Just imagine what you could do with:

or dozens of other options!

You’ll love the natural appearance and feel of Autograph Foliages’ faux succulents. Take our down-covered, flocked green echeveria and agave or orange-flowering and mauve air grass plants.

Our needled faux barrel cactus and clusters may look genuinely fierce but they’re totally harmless. Place them to your client’s best advantage, indoors or outside, without worrying about painful scratches and jabs!

Whether you need artificial succulents for restaurant tabletops, bridal bouquets, outdoor planters or trend-friendly commercial- space garden walls, we have you covered. And ask about our Fire-Retardant choices!

Just let us know what the job requires. We’ll help you achieve the pinnacle of succulent success!