Do you have a commercial space that cries out for fresh flowers or blooming plants, but lacks the staff or budget to care for them? Whether green thumbs or greenbacks are in short supply, our amazingly authentic faux flowers are the answer!

Whether your client’s project calls for flowering stems, branches or bushes, Autograph Foliages’ line of faux flowers doesn’t disappoint. They’re the permanent fix to all the problems of natural blooms and plants: 

  • They’re not fussy about light. Put them wherever they look best!
  • They’ll never wilt or drop their petals and leaves.
  • They’ll never need watering, feeding, pruning or pest control.
  • They’ll keep looking first-day fresh with occasional dusting.
  • They’ll never need replacing -- in fact, faux flower bridal bouquets will become treasured keepsakes and heirlooms.

From shopping-mall promenades to waiting-room tabletops, any interior space looks more inviting with our fashionable faux flowers brightening it!

Or upscale an unsightly patio, porch or entryway with our outdoor Polyblend® flowering bushes. Choose from hanging or bush geraniums, rhododendrons or gardenias, all with foliage guaranteed to resist fading for five years! 

For more inspiration, turn to the helpful design hints in our Silk Flower Guide!