Artificial decorative trees for interior use! Select for a variety of silk tree styles including Ficus, Cypress, Olive, Oak, Maple, Bamboo Palm, Alpines, Areca Palm, Banana Palm, Beech, Birch, Black Olive, Boxwood, Capensia, Cedar, Cherry Blossom, Coconut Palm, Coffee Tree, Cycas, Flowering Bouganvillea, Evergreens or the like-able Fiddle Leafs and more. Whatever your design needs, we have all of the popular styles and sizes available. 

Our decorative everyday faux trees can be used in many applications such as offices, corridors, hallways, home decor, atriums or wherever artificials are needed. Most of our everyday trees are sold in either weighted bases for your convenience. Use your own style decorative container to dress your tree from modern to classic or traditional pots are sold separately!