With a variety of  heights and widths, there are many different bamboo options. These Bamboo trees are strong in their structure and offer a variety of styles of leaves. Autograph Foliages offers some of these trees as a Fire Retardant model.


For most people, nothing equates with equatorial like stands of fresh, green bamboo. So when your commercial project begs for a steamy jungle ambience, Autograph Foliages is here with the selection of lush, green artificial bamboo trees you need!

These slender, graceful replica bamboo trees have all the exotic appeal -- and none of the problems -- of natural bamboo. They’ll never need water or sun. You’ll also never have to worry about them outgrowing their space (some live bamboo trees grow nearly 4 feet per day!)

Depending on variety of bamboo trees, our multi-cane artificial bamboo trees are available in 5- to -10 foot heights. Your choices include:

Don’t let poor-quality replicas “bamboozle” you. All Autograph Foliages’ artificial bamboo trees boast sturdy construction and botanically accurate canes and leaves. They’re simply the closest artificial bamboo trees to the real things!