Autograph's Polyblend® Outdoor Artificial Boxwood!  Popular artificial boxwood for the outdoors can be used in many applications such as landscape hedging, ground cover, topiaries, bushes, and even vertical wall components.  Create a beautiful exterior boxwood shrubbery wall using our 20" x 20" boxwood mat. Or, plant our boxwood topiary balls in planters outdoors for a unique, modern look. Artificial Boxwood shrubbery for Outdoors is made with the finest material and proprietary UV formula built to last outdoors!  

Autograph Foliages offers a comprehensive selection of artificial boxwood foliages to cater to many applications, both indoors and outdoors.

  1. Diverse Boxwood Collection: Autograph Foliages provides a variety of Polyblend® outdoor artificial Boxwood products, including Boxwood bushes, Boxwood picks, Boxwood Mats, Boxwood Hedges and Topiaries in different shapes like teardrops and balls.

  2. Outdoor Durability & FireSafe Option: Autograph’s Polyblend® boxwood shrubbery is constructed from premium quality materials and features a proprietary UV formula to ensure longevity and resistance to outdoor conditions. This makes it suitable for outdoor landscaping, ground cover, and vertical wall applications.   FireSafe Plus Polyblend® is an option for professionals requiring artificial plant material to be Inherently Fire Retardant.
  3. Modern Outdoor Decor: Polyblend® Boxwood Balls or Topiaries can add a contemporary and stylish look to outdoor planters, while the 20 x 20-inch Boxwood Mat or Hedging is ideal for creating attractive Boxwood Greenwalls.

  4. Variety of Sizes & Color: Autograph Foliages offers attractive artificial Boxwood foliage in a wide range of sizes, accommodating various project requirements. For both small and large-scale projects, there are options available for callouts requiring small pick components or large boxwood mats and custom hedges. Polyblend® Boxwood foliage comes in different colors, including burgundy, light green, and tutone green. This variety allows for customization to suit your specific design preferences. Other colors are available for special orders. 

  5. Natural Look & Feel: The texture and color of Autograph Foliages' Polyblend® Outdoor Artificial Boxwood foliage is designed to closely resemble real boxwood, providing a natural and realistic appearance. 

  6. Low Maintenance: Artificial boxwood requires minimal maintenance compared to live plants, making it a convenient choice for those seeking a lush and green aesthetic without the need for constant care. 

  7. Easy Installation: Polyblend® Boxwood products are easy to install, allowing you to quickly enhance your spaces with greenery. 

  8. Customization: Autograph Foliages offers different Polyblend Boxwood Leaf styles, including Traditional Boxwood, English Boxwood, Japanese Boxwood, and Wide-Leaf Boxwood, giving customers the flexibility to customize their decor to their liking.

  9. Suitable for Various Spaces: Whether you're decorating commercial, office, retail, or residential spaces, Polyblend® Outdoor Boxwood can help you achieve a natural and earthy ambiance. 

Autograph Foliages offers a versatile range of high-quality outdoor boxwood foliage in the Polyblend® Outdoor Brand.  Polyblend® Outdoor is tailored to meet the needs of landscape professionals, project decorators, and architects seeking a durable and low-maintenance greenery solution to elevate their indoor or outdoor landscape.  With a wide variety of sizes, colors, Fire Retardant options, and textures available, customization options are limitless, making it effortless to achieve the perfect aesthetic for any setting.

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