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Our custom greenWall panels and components are made with a variety of artificial greenery, succulents, mosses, grasses, flowers and ferns. Artificial Boxwood and Vertical garden walls, live or artificial, not only provide privacy, shade, space, and a chic look, but they are also functional.Custom green walls can consist of panels (tiles) or bushes. These are the hottest in popularity in the artificial foliage industry. They can be used indoors or outdoors. Many of our silk foliage is inherently treated with fire retardant / UV protection . Affix them to any brick wall, screen, fence, or any temporary foundation.
Green walls are a modern, beautiful way to add nature to urban environments.
You also introduce the outdoors, in. With our professional grade faux greenery, you will swear you are outdoors, without the allergies. Because of the space savings and modern look, vertical wall coverings are extremely popular for both businesses and residential settings. For either residential or commercial, they are used to cover eyesores such as air conditioners, doors, seasonal signage or even sound absorption. They also are frequently used for bland accent walls. Easily add pizzazz to uniform looking buildings or settings.
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You can customize your green walls with
Artificial Succulents
One of the most modern garden walls is made of colorful succulents. There are many different succulent species within the 25 plant families. Succulents come in all sizes, colors and shapes, from vertical, spherical, columnar, or flat and round. A succulent garden wall can be a randomized mix of echeverias, aloe, crassula, aeoniums, or a well-planned pattern in waves, circles, or clusters. Either way, faux succulent walls are a trendy design concept for many reasons but mostly it is the perfect way to bring vibrant color to a dull and drab area.
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Replica Boxwood Walls
Multi-purpose, english garden style boxwood walls are a design favorite for many obvious reasons. Boxwood is elegant, neat, simplistic, and modern. Commercially, Boxwood mats, sheets or boxwood rolls attach to framing against a wall or attach directly to the wall. Boxwood is a classic type of foliage can be used on its own or mixed with just about any other foliage. Use boxwood for privacy walls on a private patio or roof-top balcony. Use boxwood for hard to reach areas or for temporary display walls. For example, take a look at the boxwood at the next red carpet event or celebrity after parties. Boxwood will always be a fan favorite.
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Artificial Garden Ivy Walls
Ivy walls, a boxwood alternative, are becoming more popular for both interior and exterior greenwalls. Designers choose ivy more often because there are a number of ivy plant varieties that will work beautifully such as English or Hedra Ivy, Sage, Persian Ivy vines naturally adhere to any surface like concrete. Ivy trails grow up and along side of walls. For a natural-like realistic garden wall, using ivies is the perfect solution.
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Pothos Walls
4’ x 4’ pothos grid on wire screen is available for several applications such as faux hedging or for tropical or jungle themed green walls. Like English Ivy, using pothos leaf or vine is nice filler for a natural-like green wall or when doing a tropical theme wall with flowering orchids, bromeliads or other plants. The wide Pothos leaf is great for coverage of large areas.
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Flowering Green Walls
Design a stunning floral masterpiece for your next wedding event or celebration. A massive floral wall of White or Red Roses, blooming peonies, or tropical phalaenopsis orchids, would make a perfect backdrop for the ceremony, banquet hall, or wedding pictures.
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Faux Grass Walls
An environmental enthusiasts inspired by living walls but lacking the green thumb for it could enjoy aesthetics of nature through replica grass walls. Grass walls highlight gorgeous shades of greens, from dark green to olive green, lime green or mixed fall colors. Thick grass, wavy grass, thin, short or tall - a grass wall are a work of art inside museums, or theatres, restaurants with a zen-like culture.
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Exterior Green Walls
Autograph’s Polyblend is the best solution for your exterior artificial Greenwall application. For large commercial buildings, oversized walls with limited access to maintenance, watering, cleaning - use the #1 Brand of UV artificial foliage in the industry. Design with heavy duty foliage grids, grass mats, garlands, vines or branches with premium materials, proprietary resins, and durable wire. No other outdoor artificials offer a 5-year warranty.
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Moss Green Wall
Artificial moss sheets come in all sorts of patterns, texture, and colors. Artificial moss, once a great transitional material is commonly used more often on its own. Hanging moss foliage is fabulous filler for grasses, greenery, and natural-woodsy walls. Consider faux moss sheets or bark sheets as accent components in your next green wall design.
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Fire Retardant Green Walls
When designing a greenwall in any commercial setting, research the building’s fire code requirements for using artificial foliage. Finding out if your project will require FireSafe foliage beforehand could save you a lot of time and money. Many interior greenwalls built in the past few years were designed with Autograph’s line of inherently fire retardant foliage mats, boxwood, ivy and other greenery. Our fire retardant silk foliage is certified by the California State Fire Marshal and passed the ASTM-E84-16 fire tests for smoke and flame development. Safety is very important that is why we have developed a larger line of FireSafe foliage specifically for interior green wall designers and builders.
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Lasting Outdoor Performance Year Round with Polyblend
Our Polyblend Green Wall materials are crafted from a pliable, premium quality formula that is used to enhance the performance of outdoor artificial foliage by 100% year round. With a solid construction, yet designed to mirror live foliage, you can bet it will last for years. Our greenery is so realistic, you can see our green wall foliage in various settings including roof-top gardens, outside buildings, museums, hotels, malls, restaurants, corporate offices, and you can find green walls in movies. Polyblend UV can also be molded Fire Retardant for those commercial installations!
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