Custom-Made Trees

Signature Trees by Autograph Foliages are signed with the Perfection of Nature.

We have been a leading manufacturer of custom built artificial trees and topiaries in many sizes up to 20 feet tall. Our custom artificial trees are a reflection of realism and beauty that is typically shown in natural outdoor landscapes.  Autograph's signature custom made trees are quality crafted premium grade replicas and natural wood trunks right from mother nature.  Our wood trunks include myrtle, dragonwood, and birch in various lengths and thickness.  Our custom made trees and topiaries can be made with regular foliage or with our Fire Safe - IFR foliage. 

Autograph Foliages offers a wide range of Fluff-Free Christmas trees that make for the perfect holiday installations. We carry a great selection of pre-shaped trees at wholesale prices, with sizes ranging from 5 feet to 16 feet.

Here are the best features of our selection of wholesale Fluff-Free trees.

  1. Easy setup: Our Fluff-Free trees are easy to install and can be used in various settings, indoors and outdoors. They have a minimal setup time and instantly create a Christmas vibe in any space. 
  2. Different sizes: We have full-size trees, slim-size trees, and everything in between. We carry something for every requirement. Our collection consists of Fluff-Free trees in different sizes, like 5 to 6 feet, 7 to 8 feet, 9 to 10 feet, 11 to 12 feet, and 15 to 16 feet.
  3. Cost Savings: The wholesale Fluff-Free Christmas trees from Autograph Foliages can help you save money, especially for large holiday installations! 
  4. Variety of Foliage Options: You will have several options as we carry all popular types of foliage. Our selection of pre-shaped trees includes an array of distinct foliages like Cordova Fir, Monroe Pine, Virginia Pine, and Nikko Fir. 
  5. Instant shape: Don't spend hours shaping your Christmas Trees anymore. Autograph Foliages has just the tree for you. The Fluff-Free trees will reduce your shaping time and efforts as they are pre-shaped and ready for installation. 
  6. Light Options: Well-lit trees are an instant eye-catcher, and we carry plenty of light options for all requirements. Whether you need a no-light tree, an LED light tree, or a tree with incandescent mini-lights, we have them available at Autograph Foliages
  7. Flexible and Durable: The trees in our Fluff-Free collection are made with stiff memory wire that provides strong and durable support. The flexibility and durability of the trees make them easy to set up and install.
  8. Natural Look and Feel: The artificial Christmas trees we carry are made from top-quality material, giving them the perfect appearance that looks authentic and feels natural.

Autograph Foliages offers a versatile range of Pre-Shaped, Fluff-Free Christmas trees. They are perfect for commercial spaces, retail outlets, and home settings and can be brought in bulk by project decorators and architects. We have a huge collection of Christmas trees and decor that are durable, low-maintenance, and can be used year after year. Check out our wide range of offerings today! 

With over 20 years of tree making experience, our leading tree technician can build your signature tree today!