Introducing in our FireSafe Foliage® Line, artificial fire retardant tree branches developed since the late 1970's / early 80's by Autograph Foliages!  Our Fire Retardant foliage, manufactured with high quality inherently fire retardant fabric or impregnated with specialized fire retardant additives in the molding process.

Autograph has designed various leaf styles for custom tree making. One of our most popular fire retardant branch styles includes the the Pin Oak leaf and Maple Leaves. We have carried and sold thousands of these fire retardant branch styles for more than 3 decades.  

Our Fire Retardant branch line consists of all-time widely-used staples including Oak Leaves, Maple Leaves, Ficus, artificial Bamboo, Gingko Leaves, Pine, Birch Leaves, Podocarpus, Beech, Alder, Aspen, Banyan, and assortment of Palm Fronds among several others.   New fire retardant branch leaf styles introduced in our line include, Fiddle Leaf, Olive, Eucalyptus, Mangrove, Acacia, Live Oak, Weeping Willow, Locust, Jasmine, flowering Cherry Blossom and Wisteria branches and many other popular styles.  

FireSafe Foliage® achieves Class A rating (best classification) on the ASTM-E84 test conducted by certified U.S. laboratory and passed California State Fire Marshal Certification.  Lab Tests and Certification are available upon request.