Our Polyblend® Artificial Grass Bushes are available in various foliage types. These faux Artificial Grass Bushes include Grass, Liriope, Onion Grass, Papyrus, and Wild Grass.

Polyblend® outdoor artificial grass bushes, a landscaping favorite for large-scale commercial installations! Check out Autograph’s collection of Polyblend® Grass, made with our LDPE resins and proprietary Polyblend formula enhanced with UV inhibitors and colorants.   Our outdoor UV grass replicas collection varies from 14” tall up to 65” tall, with realistic colors including bold dark green, light green, sage, red, burgundy, and natural beige, tan, and yellow colors. Autograph’s Polyblend® Grasses enhance biophilic landscaping both outdoors and indoors in commercial Green walls, landscape bedding, ground cover, and hedges, for example.

14” Polyblend Vanilla Grass or the 18” Outdoor Grass Bush are the smart choices for high-profile areas with stringent safety code regulations. This artificial outdoor UV  grass option is Inherently Fire-Resistant, making it perfect for ensuring the safety of your building structure and its occupants. Choose Polyblend Plus FireSafe Grass for a reliable and effective solution., 

Autograph has long-stem wetland grasses like the papyrus grass stem, or choose a wide-leaf, full-style grass like our Polyblend Liriope Bush or artificial Wild Grasses for broad, full coverage.    

Transform your landscape into a breathtaking masterpiece by seamlessly blending Polyblend Onion Grass Bushes with an array of artificial or live plants.

Autograph's Polyblend outdoor artificial grass bushes collection offers a remarkable solution to outdoor spaces. These bushes seamlessly integrate into various landscapes, providing an aesthetically pleasing and durable solution. The bushes' unique appeal catches the eye and can also be used in playgrounds and sports fields, such as tennis, football, soccer, and golf courses. They are engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions and maintain their lush green appearance throughout the year, offering a practical and low-maintenance alternative to natural grass!