Autograph Foliages polyester artificial palm trees are the perfect solution for your interior planting needs.  Our silk palm trees are made of quality upgraded fabric material with realistic looking bark wood trunks.  Artificial palm trees are widely used giving warmth to open spaces. They are installed in many places such as in corporate buildings with low light where most palm trees would not survive.

Popular tropical palm trees include Bamboo Palms, Areca Palms, Lady Palms, Coconut Palms and Phoenix Palms. Check out theme park guide!  Artificial palm trees require little to no maintenance other than the occasional dust and shine.  Use one of our modern style planters from our container section  next time you purchase a beautiful Autograph Palm Tree! Using Autograph Foliages replica foliage can keep costs down from constant replacements of plants that are not able to survive certain conditions indoors.  With Autograph Foliages quality replica plants your customer may never notice the difference! Also checkout palm trees that are FireSafe in the Fire Retardant Section! 

Who wouldn’t love a commercial space evoking the relaxed feeling of warm sunshine and salty breezes even when all is cold and gray outside? With Autograph Foliages’ fake palm trees, your interiorscape will project a Margaritaville image all year -- no blender necessary!

In keeping with their good-life vibe, our artificial palm trees require almost no maintenance, other than occasional passes with a feather duster. And the fire-retardant foliage available with many of them guarantees compliance with local fire codes.

We carry over a dozen exotic fake palm tree varieties. Some of the popular choices:

  • Standing 3 to 12 feet tall with arching, feathery fronds, our areca (butterfly) palms make a big, bold statement in any space.
  • Our black-caned bamboo palms make striking focal points for Oriental- or Asian-themed décor.
  • Our stunningly lifelike banana palms definitely capture the castaway spirit. Available in five heights, they’ll make a most convincing banana grove!
  • Named for their light, airy and uniquely shaped leaves, our fake fishtail palm trees conjure sunny South Pacific shores no matter where they are!

Whichever fake palm tree varieties you prefer, why not enhance their impact with chic, contemporary planters from our container section?