These trees are the type of trees that normally lose their leaves in the fall and then regrow in the spring. Now you have the option to enjoy the looks of these trees year round and don’t have to worry about the leaves falling off with the weather change. There are many types of our Artificial Deciduous Trees to choose from. Beech, Birch, Black Olive, Boxwood, Capensia, Coffee, Ficus, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Gingko, Japanese Maple, Locust, Lychee, Maple, Ming Aralia, and Oak artificial trees!

Picture a weeping willow tree arching gracefully over a reflecting pool, its branches stirring softly in the air. Or a sugar maple with sunlight streaming through its flame-colored leaves -- which never fade or fall to the ground.

Now picture them, or any of Autograph Foliage’s artificial deciduous trees, bringing color and tranquility to places where their natural counterparts couldn’t grow.


  • hotel or office atriums
  • shopping mall promenades
  • theme park attractions
  • indoor museum exhibits
  • indoor zoo enclosures

and so many other venues where caring for live trees isn’t an option.

Like our

  • Three-foot lemon trees (their sunny-hued fruit looks lemonade-ready!) 
  • Twenty-foot ficus trees (with -- count ‘em -- 23,184 glossy green leaves!) 
  • Twelve-foot oak trees (with 480 acorns realistic enough to tempt the squirrels!)

all our faux deciduous trees are botanically accurate down to the last detail. Many are also available with fire retardant-foliage.

Choose from: