10.5 Foot Large Sugar Maple Tree in Orange or Green Colors

P-181360 - Orange/Red
10.5' Sugar Maple Tree
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Signature Foliage
Whether they are used indoors for seasonal look or year-round look, these giant 10.5' Maple Trees will be a hit! Maple leaves originate from quality fabric material to produce the full branches. Each tree is hand designed; with a nicely round foliage canopy. Branches are securely drilled into the top of the trunk. Trunks are solid and sturdy, using natural wood that has been debarked. Non-decorative weighted bases are included. We stock both Green and Orange Maple trees to ship as available. Recommended for interior use only. Order today!
P-181360 - Orange/Red
10.5' Sugar Maple Tree
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P-181360 - Orange/Red
P-181365 - Green

10.5' Maple Tree
Polyester Leaves 
Natural Wood (debarked) Trunk
1,270 Leaves
Weighted Base