If you feel like adding another pop of color to your decorating, Autograph Foliages has some green and white light garland and tinsel. There are a variety of sizes to choose from. Some strands also come with LED lights.  We offer PVC, PE/PVCTinsel and Frosted/Flocked/iced in 6 Feet, 9 Feet, and 25 Feet Lengths! 

Autograph Foliage proudly presents a diverse range of wholesale Christmas Garlands as a part of its Christmas Décor collection. Our collection comprises Garlands in various foliages, sizes, colors, and more. You can filter our collection according to your preferences and browse the variety we have in stock.

Our garlands can fit any space as we carry decorative whole garlands in all sizes ranging from –3 feet to 25 feet long. You can also choose different widths like  less than 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, up to 24 inches

Looking for specific foliage for your garlands? Worry not! Plenty of foliage options are available with us, including Cedar, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Firs, Magnolia, Pine, and Spruce, to name a few. The Garlands from Autograph Foliage look and feel natural. Plus, they involve no maintenance and are easy to use.

Besides the ones from Christmas by Autograph, we carry different types of wholesale Garlands like Natural Touch Needle, Signature Foliage, and Battery Operated ones. 

If your décor is incomplete without LED lights, we have exclusive garland strands that come with superior LED lights such as traditional T5 bulbs, 5mm bulbs, or Rice Light bulbs. For a Snowy or Colorful Christmas décor, you can choose from our range of Tinsel/White/Colorful Garlands

Why stick to just Green? Add a pop of color to your décor with blue, gold, pink, rose gold, black, yellow gold, and brass gold Garlands. At Autograph, we offer premium quality Christmas materials,  PE (Polyresin), PVC, and PE/PVC wholesale Garlands in different lengths. So, take your pick and don't miss checking out our popular Frosted/Flocked/Iced varieties too.