Our new artificial foliage floor and wall mats allow you to create the green wall of your dreams. Our new everyday faux floor and wall mats are available in Boxwood, Flowering, Grass, and Moss.

In the commercial space market, green and “living” walls have become all the rage over the past few years -- and the trend is sure to continue. Why?

Because as high-impact, low-maintenance decorative statements, nothing surpasses green walls. Their replica plants accept any indoor environment, regardless of its light exposure, temperature and humidity level or traffic flow. 

They also allow strikingly attractive combinations of form, texture and color. Imagine mixing:

 The berries alone would forbid a living green wall with this combination! Not to mention the wait for natural plants to fill in -- and the upkeep involved in their care.

By choosing a green wall with Autograph Foliages’ astonishingly lifelike faux plants, your client eliminates the need for watering, fertilizing, trimming and pest and disease prevention.

In addition, a green wall’s leaves plants never turn brown and drop. And in the dead of winter, its flowering plants keep right on blooming!

Plastic-grid backing makes our artificial decorative mats super easy to customize to any desired shape. For more information, just click on our Green Wall Guide!