Our Artificial Wreaths come in a variety of sizes from 6 inches to 28 inches. Our faux wreaths are available in brown, green, and black.

Wreaths are an unmissable decorative item, especially around the holidays and special occasions. Our Christmas by Autograph collection has all kinds of wreaths, no matter what material type, size, or color you want to stock up on. We have a diverse collection of wholesale wreaths from 24 inches to 100 inches in size. You can also find commercial-grade wreaths ranging from 5 feet to 15 feet in diameter. We carry square-shaped wreaths too.

Check out our collection for the most authentic-looking wreaths, the Natural Touch Needle line, comprised of mixed PE/PVC tips,  which include Pine Wreaths,  and Fir wreaths. Staple holiday wreaths is a necessity for any designer and we carry these basic greens such as PE/PVC Mixed Spruce, PVC Mixed Pine Wreah. ral Touch Mixed We have DecoratorsWe also have wholesale premade wreaths that are comprised of a mix of pinecones, berries, twigs, juniper leaves, eucalyptus,  and other decorative foliage accessories. 

Add more charm and elegance to your space using wreaths with lights. Our popular PVC wreaths like the Virginia Pine, Monroe Pine, or PE/PVC wreaths like Georgia Fir, Blue Swiss, or Allegheny Fir Wreaths come fully lit with  LED lights. You can also find wreaths with LED Lights, twinkling LED lights, battery operated LED lights and multi-colored lights in our collection. We carry a stock of beautiful White Flocked and White Frosted Wreaths

Explore our ball wreath options if looking for something other than a foliage wreaths. Our mixed ball wreaths are available in various colors and color combinations like Red, Gold, Silver, Dark Blue, and Burgundy

When buying from Autograph Foliage, you get décor items that are beautiful, durable, need minimal maintenance, are allergy friendly, and long-lasting. Our collection of wreaths is the perfect choice for quick and hassle-free decorations. Check out our Christmas by Autograph collection for other wholesale decor items like garlands, table-top décor, Christmas trees, and Commercial décor.