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Silk flowers add color and brightness to living rooms, commercial venues, event spaces, banisters and outdoor areas. Holidays and special events are perfect opportunities to use floral sprays, garlands and arrangements. Autograph Foliages creates floral designs for both commercial and residential uses. Our designers have crafted our silk flowers to bring real-life color and brightness to your home or business.
Artificial Flower Design Ideas
for the home
light flock
Spruce-up a Tabletop
Roses, Magnolia, and Orchids make fine additions to dining areas. Use single flower stems with some pine and berries for a beautiful centerpiece display. Your clients will love a silk flower arrangement in their dining room or restaurant.
medium flock
Bring Some Style to a Banister
Garlands for banisters and entryways add a whimsical element to any home. Each season can have its own style. For instance, for the holidays, you may choose to add amaryllis or poinsettias to pine garland for an elegant style.
medium flock
Add an Accent to Your Patio
The outdoors benefit from low-maintenance natural looking plastic flowers. Line your patio and window boxes with flowers such as Gardenias, Azaleas and Geraniums to add a pop of color.
For Business
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Charming Wedding Centerpieces
More than ever flowers are becoming a way to create a more inviting and memorable experience. Design floral table bouquets with a mix of flowers, greens, grasses and succulents for an elegant and festive look!
medium flock
Make Entries More Inviting
Line entries with pots of gorgeous, colorful floral arrangements. Our silk flowers are easy-to-clean, fire retardant and come in many varieties.
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Create Comfort in Waiting Rooms
Add a bit of relief to any doctor’s waiting room or reception area with potted silk flower arrangements. Stems and sprays can add height to end tables and office desks.
Create a Distinguished Space with Floral Arrangements
We have floral arrangements for all your indoor and outdoor decor needs. From 1 to 108 inches, there’s a silk flower for every application! We make it easy to shop. At Autograph Foliages, we let you filter your searches by size, type, color scheme and flower type.

Not sure what type of silk flower you need? Contact our foliage experts.

No matter what your design is we have floral products for you in a wide range of sizes, types, colors and foliage type.
flower design ideas
Wrap flowering vines or garlands around entranceway pillars or around a trellis to give an enchanting feeling to the area.
Add a pop of color with a plant bed artificial flowers inside restaurants, salons, hospitals, malls, or any commercial application.
Fill display boxes at shopping malls or in downtown centers with mix of greenery and orchids.
Exotic Floral Arrangements for Hotel or Corporate Office Lobbies.