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Decorating for Christmas is one of the most fun parts of the holiday. Bring your tree designs to life with beautiful ornaments and accents. We have a wide range of ornaments for both indoor and outdoor uses. Our ornaments range in assorted colors, shapes, and sizes for all types of design projects. We even have themed ornaments and accents for something unique. Our ornaments and accent stems are handcrafted with quality material; fabric, plastic, or foam. No breakable glass ornaments. So if you are looking for quality ornaments or Christmas accents. Autograph hand selects premium quality Christmas products that will last season after season.
Christmas Tree Ornament With Wire
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The way ornaments are finished on a tree can make a big difference in the overall look and feel. Our outdoor ornaments are coated with a UV gloss finish in bright solid colors. Other ornaments are ribbed or wavy for texture. Mixing finishes such as matte with reflective can be fun and aestheically pleasing to the eye. For glitz and sparkle, use glittery or beaded and sequined ornaments. All types of finishes such as reflective, shiny or matte, glittered or beaded, or a mixture of any kind are important design choices. Like your color choices, the right type of finish can add texture or enhance dimension to the overall design.
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We offer a large variety of ornament shapes to accommodate any design you have in mind. Create a classic tree with colorful ball shaped ornaments, an elegant tree with finial ornaments, or a winter tree with icicles.
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Christmas Colors
Mix or Contrast
Mix of contrasting colors or a blend of similar colors
Monochromatic Colors
Monochromatic design with hot pink and pastel pink
The colors of ornaments can be one of the most eye catching aspects of overall design. Go with classic Christmas colors like Red, Green, Gold or Silver, or White. Or, make a bold statement with a monochromatic design, different shades of one color. Another popular color trend is soft pastels of pinks, blues, purples and greens. Whatever color trend you choose to design with, Autograph has you covered!
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Ornament Sizes 1
Ornament Sizes 2
Ornament Sizes 3
Our sizes for ornaments range from as small as 2” to as large as 40”. Use different sized ornaments to create a beautiful design on a tree. We also offer very large ornaments for commercial decor.
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Popular Themes
Keeping up with the latest holiday trend should not be challenging. Clients eager to be wowed are looking to you for design help. Ornaments and accents are perfect way to bring innovation and personality to your decor. Showing popular themes using trendy new products will keep them coming back year after year!
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Accents can add a pop of color in any design. We offer a wide variety of sprays, picks, garlands, branches and more! Whether you need over-the-top glitz and glam, or a pop with metallic finishes, or subtle red berries or a hint of burlap - our decorative accent pieces are handcrafted with quality and care. Show off your designs this year using Autograph's Holiday Accents. Your clients will be amazed!
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Accent Colors 1
Accent Colors 2
Accent Colors 3
Colors are key in designing. That’s why we offer accents in a range of colors. Pick from Christmas favorites of red, green, silver and gold or mix it up with some tutoned accents and bright colors.
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Accent Sizes 1
Accent Sizes 2
Accent Sizes 3
Whether you’re looking for a tiny accent to add to your center piece design or a large accent to add to your commercial Christmas tree we have you colored. Shop from 1” accents all the way to 108” accents.
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