Christmas trees are a key element in celebrating the holidays. You see beautiful Christmas trees while shopping at the mall, walking around the city, in business buildings and of course in homes. Our wholesale Christmas trees are built to last with premium grade PVC and polyethylene material. Shop a wide variety of Christmas trees from slim size to full size, unlit to LED lighting, and sizes from 2 ft tall up to 30 ft tall.
Christmas Tree SHAPES
flat/half size tree
Flat/Half Size
12" Depth
full size tree
Full Size
Average width for a 7.5’ Tree 62” - 75”
medium size tree
Medium Size
Average width for a 7.5’ Tree 50” to 60”
slim size tree
Slim Size
Average width for a 7.5’ Tree 39” to 49”
pencil size tree
Pencil Size
Average width for a 7.5’ Tree 24” - 38”
Flocked trees are great for a wintery theme and pop in design. There is more maintenance and care with set up and storage. Keep these trees in a dark cool area and avoid heat and lights as much as possible to reduce yellowing over time. We offer custom flocking and a variety of colors.
Shop flocked trees
Custom Flocking Capabilities
light flock
Light Flock
Shows More Greenery
medium flock
Medium Flock
More Flock/Less Green
heavy flock
Heavy Flock
All Flock - Very Little to No Greenery
Various Flocking Colors Available:
A Fluff Free tree is almost ready to go right out of the box. Save time and labor of shaping a tree from hours to minutes! These trees have strong wire called memory wire which is better for hanging ornaments. They maintain shape year after year and are easy for storage.
Shop Fluff-free trees
PE/PVC mix is a perfect tree for a more realistic look while still staying within budget. PE stands for polyethylene which is most commonly known as plastic. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride which can take on different forms but for tree purposes is a ribbon cut to make needles. The mix of both PE and PVC gives the tree a lush look with dense appearance. These trees are used in specialized installations and residential. The trees are fire retardant which is great for safety and the high quality material will keep the tree looking new.
These trees are most commonly used for commercial applications. There are many advantages to this material. One of the biggest being that it’s environmentally safe and can be recycled at the end of it’s use. It’s also inherently fire retardant which is required by many commercial locations. PVC trees are great if you have a tight budget as they are cheaper than polyethylene (PE) trees. All of our PVC trees are premium grade and will not crush under the rigors of packing, shipping, shaping and decorating.
All plastic (PE) trees provide the most natural look. These trees are premium grade and the most crush resistant. The price is more expensive because of the cost of material and labor put into making these trees. The tips are painted with tutone coloring and a high grade steel is used for the trunk and branches. These fire retardant trees will last for years.
We stock from 12 ft tall to 30 ft tall in full size commercial frame trees. Other sizes are available up to 50 ft tall! Additionally, we have indoor slim size frame trees available from 12 ft to 16 ft tall.
Our tinsel trees come in a variety of colors from silver, white, green, gold, pink, blue, and multi-colored. These trees are great to add a pop of color to any design.
We offer a whole line of pre lit LED trees for all types of occasions. Choose from a variety of colors and tree types to best fit your design.
We offer a whole line of pre lit LED trees for all types of occasions. Choose from a variety of colors and tree types to best fit your design.
Benefits of Materials Used
Quality PVC Material
Most Commonly Used
Very Affordable
Fire Retardant
Made with Stiff Memory Wire
Cuts Shaping Time in Half
Best Used for Large Installations
Fire Retardant
Mixed for Added Realism
Used for High Quality Designs
Great Investment/More Usage
Fire Retardant
Types of pvc and pe tips
PE Medium Needle Round
PE Medium Needle Round
PE Medium Needle Flat
PE Medium Needle Flat
PE Short Needle Flat
PE Short Needle Flat
PVC Long Needle Pulled
PVC Long Needle Pulled
PVC Long Needle Round
PVC Long Needle Round
PVC Short Needle Pointed
PVC Short Needle Pointed
christmas tree foliage types
Fir Trees
Large trees with distinguished small needle-like leaves. Firs can also be identified by shape of leaves and cones. Firs have genus name, Abies, with many species of evergreen coniferous trees known to the Pinaceae family. Popular Firs include, Douglas and Cedar.
Pine Trees
A confier from the Pinus family. An evergreen tree with long needles. Most species of Pine are native to the Northern Hemisphere. Popular tree is Japanese Red Pine.
Spruce Trees
A large evergreen with needles attached singly to branches. Spruce is a type of tree from genus Picea, with about 35 species of coniferous evergreen trees in the Pinaceae family. Popular Tree is Norway Spruce.
Christmas Tree Light Options
Incandescent Mini Lights
Incandescent Mini Lights
C7 Lights
C7 Lights
Multi-Color LED Lights
Multi-Color LED Lights
Warm White LED Lights
Warm White LED Lights
Winter White LED Lights
Winter White LED Lights
Crab Lights
Crab Lights
Choosing the right lights is very important to a design and overall feel. We offer a wide variety of incandescent mini lights and LED lights. Some examples are C7, sealed, unsealed, warm white, cool white, and globe lights. View our Christmas lighting guide for more details.
design ideas
Peacock Tree
Seashore Tree
Sweet Treats
Appalachian Tree
Cactus Tree
Helpful hints
Don't be afraid to use "non-traditional" items such as flowers, moss vines, twigs, succulents, etc. to give more depth and personalize a design.
Vary the shapes and sizes of your decorations for more visual interest.
Look for ornaments that attach with wire for more commercial installations. Wire holds better than string.
Stiffer wired branches hold larger sized ornaments better.
Most PE Trees are heavier trees than PVC trees.
For more dimensional decorating, use layered trees.
Instant shape, less time shaping, and possibly more set up jobs can be accomplished during your busy season.
Adding a second light color or light bulb type is another way to enhance your design.
Christmas trees that go all the way to the floor eliminate the hassles of under-the-tree decor. No gifts are necessary and it’s simple and elegant.
Larger spaces in between branches allows for more dimensional decorating and ample space for larger ornaments, bows or accents.
Slim sized trees with full foliage have less spacing between branches and require less decorations to look full.