Get inspired! Design your next magical Christmas theme using Autograph Foliages finest artificial Christmas greenery and decor!

Our signature artificial Christmas Trees and Foliage are available at great Wholesale discounts. For talented designers like you, you can pick from a variety of our Christmas products like Christmas Trees, Branches, Natural Touch Greenery, Ornaments, or anything you desire to showcase and wow your customer!

Like what you see? Take a look at some of our artificial Christmas foliages scenes to help make your upcoming Christmas Wonderland possible! Take a look at the faux foliages that helped make this Christmas wonderland possible!

We have a large selection of artificial Christmas foliage and holiday decor, including our growing line of UV coated VivaColor Ornaments, Secure with Wire! So if your holiday decorating is outdoor specific, these ornaments are protected against sun fading. You can buy direct the featured products in our Christmas Wonderland displays.

If you need help choosing which Christmas Trees to use, take a look at our Christmas Tree Guide to help you determine tree size, tip, and light options you should purchase.

Products Used

Aesthetic Design Tips

Don't be afraid to think outside the box! Creative themes can be fun and entertaining intended for a specific audience. For example, a Southwestern Christmas might include our Prelit PVC Saguaro Christmas Cactus Trees. Or use a Rose Gold Christmas tree instead of traditional Green Trees. Or design outdoor theme using Glittery Boxwood Wreaths!

Carefully select your greenery i.e. Christmas Trees, Garlands, Wreaths or Swags. Size, shape, and type of foliage can make a huge difference in your overall design.

Do play with Scale and Color – use some smaller sized pieces with oversize pieces to create movement.

Do keep the color scheme simple – the size of the display provides enough visual interest. No need to overcomplicate with too many colors. The same applies to shapes – keep it to one or two shapes, with maybe one focal point piece.

Monochromatic makes a bold statement – keep it to shades of one color. If possible, use a contrasting background color to really pop the color. For example, use Flocked Christmas trees with Red berry Sprays. Or Matte Red mix with Reflective Red Ornaments.

Varying textures, heights and interesting shapes within the single color provides the visual interest and movement. Such as a PVC Saguaro Christmas Cactus.

Functional Design Tips

• Secure decorations to the trees or in the containers, to prevent items from being taken or falling out of the display. Many of our Indoor and Outdoor Christmas Ball Ornaments come Secure with Wire or String to tightly wrap around the Tree tips.

• If you are using lighted foliage – check your outlet space and have surge protectors in supply.

• Do any pre-assembly possible off site – to confirm you have all the parts, and to avoid any unnecessary trips to get spare pieces. This will also save time at the installation site, and disrupt the business as little as possible.

• Make sure large oversize pieces are secured in position, especially if people are going to be able to touch them.

• If you are using a specific Color theme, be sure to continue the color throughout the entire space even down to the detail. This will really tie the theme together! For a Winter theme, you can add accents such as Icicle Ornaments off the ceiling and trees, add some Ice Trees, or even White Poinsettias.

• Don’t forget to look at our Design Center Gallery for inspiration for your other artificial foliage settings.