Secure with wire

Depending on the composition of a Christmas ornament, ornaments can be an affordable addition to your holiday settings, but not when they fall and break! When setting up grand outdoor settings the amount of ornaments you would need can add up quickly.

For example, the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in New York is typically a Norway spruce anywhere from 69 to 100 feet tall. This tree attracts an estimate of 125 million people each year. When choosing the tree, characteristics considered are heartiness and “Christmas Tree shape,” as well as its ability to support the heavy ornaments!

For the past 14 years, the star on the tree is a 550 pound Swarovski Crystal and measures 9 ft in diameter and 1.5 deep.

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Star

For a tree that size, you would need about 2,857 ornaments to look good.

How many Ornaments should you consider for your tree?

Grey Arrow
4 feet

48 to 72


Approx. 4” - 6” Size

6 feet

72 to 96


Approx. 4” - 6” Size

8 feet

96 to 120


Approx. 6” - 8” Size

10 feet

120 to 144


Approx. 6” - 8” Size

12 feet

144 to 168


Approx. 6”,8”, 10” Size

14 feet

168 to 204


Approx. 6”, 8” 10”+ Size

16 feet or taller call 1-800-659-6151 or email us!

Securing ornaments can be time consuming and costly. For commercial Christmas ornaments we offer SECURE WITH WIRE! Ornaments. These assorted plastic ornaments come in a variety of vibrant colors, shapes, and sizes from 3” up to 36” in height.
The top of the ornament and the cap is secured with wire to stay intact on trees, wreaths, garlands, or hanging on large swags. The wire goes right through the ornament and is looped through the middle.  The wire can hang or be wrapped around the tree branch. When it comes to saving time or finding ways to reduce overhead costs, holiday decorating businesses will shrink wrap and store their pre-decorated Christmas trees for the next year.  No more long hours spent on holiday tear down! Wrapping ornament wire around the PVC tip will keep the ornament nice and secure when transporting trees from one location to another the following Holiday season.

Our SECURE WITH WIRE! Tamper resistant ornament are shatter proof and come in a variety of finishes (reflective, shiny, or matte) sizes and shapes!  Even our UV gloss coated outdoor ornaments use secure with wire technology conveniently for all of our indoor and outdoor towering commercial Christmas trees!