Trends in Replica. Unique ways to use Succulents!

Posted by Katie Jorgenson on Mar 4th 2014

Trends in Replica. Unique ways to use Succulents. Old time favorite, Mothers-in-Law Tongue. Hide the Mechanics!
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Replica Volume 3


Autograph Replica features a wide variety of these plants for use as individual plants, on tabletop, massed in planter beds or as top dressing under large specimens, they look and feel like the real thing. Available in dark to light green or with leaves tipped in burgundy red or lighter shades of green, they add so much to an Interiorscaper. Check out Fire Retardant Succulents too!

Now, we know that you are familiar with Succulents, but have you considered them for a new and unique use? With the advent of Green Walls and Framed Foliage, Succulents fill a new role in your designs; for instance they can be placed geometrically in rows, or squares, mixed with other Replica plants, used as hanging balls, or done as stripes. You can even spell out names or logos. Using Succulents is an eye-catcher and we all know that something relatively small but unique can be the one thing that intrigues the client.

In Lobby, over the Reception Desk, or on the Restaurant Wall, they will find a home. And, because they are Replica, they go anywhere. Keep this in mind and have fun!


One what you may ask? Why the old timely favorite a Mothers-in-Law Tongue or, as known in the trade, a Sansevieria. Autograph Foliage features many of such. Check out our full-line catalog, pages 208 to 211.

For Interiorscapers these replicas are so real looking it is difficult to tell by glance or by touch. Green with yellow markings, green with silver or all green, these plants have the Architectural shape so in vogue today.

Why so they feel so real? Because Autograph dips each leaf in many layers of polymer, dries them between each polymer dipping and finishes them by hand with the proper markings. The leaves are individually wired to give them flexibility and shaping ability. Perfect for extreme low light, they work both as individual plants, in beds, or mixed with surrounding material. They even come in cylindrical foam pieces or with Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) properties.

Whether as a Modern touch, or as a shade of the Victorian Era, they make for a realistic replica plant for your interiorscape designs.
That's the term used by florists to hide how arrangements are staged. It might be rocks, gravel, leaves etc., but they never want the client to see how it was put together. It is a mark of professionalism. So it is for plants in a pot. Nursery containers, styrofoam, soil, plaster of Paris, should be covered up in a beautiful way. Truth is, you have a number of choices. The most used "top dressing" in our trade is Spanish Moss. It is easy to work with and readily available. It is used all over the country.
There are other options! Options that are more design-oriented and bring other looks to the party. For instance, we offer shells, moss sheets, and smaller replica plants (echeveria, sedums, and succulents). Autograph also has long runner moss mats that can be cut to fit and cover. We've noticed that the Horticultural Departments at some of the 5 Star Hotels and Resort Properties prefer to use the more unusual. That is the beauty of Interior Plantscaping and Autograph. Using our high quality choices takes you over the bar for both look and practicality.
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