Posted by Katie Jorgenson on Mar 7th 2014


Last Minute Holiday Items Available!  BARGAIN BUSTER Deals within. 10% Off Christmas Specials Starting 12/01/13.
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Holiday Volume 4

Statement Collection of Birch Poles

Today’s décor finds Interior plantscapers using other decorative pieces that are not live foliage. Décor magazines see bunches of Birch, Bamboo Poles and Natural Sticks or Twigs such as Salt Cedar clustered in decorative containers as a focal point in modern settings. Real birch poles 1" to 2.5" widths and 6-8’ tall, their natural colors look as thought they’ve been gathered from a forest or wood.

Folks, this is easy!  A one time sale that provides the finishing touch. We bundle, wrap and ship them to you.  Clients and Designers love them! Decorative containers can be modern or traditional. Ethnic or Regional. Just another high end, low cost element in your Plantscape palette. Also perfect for real estate staging and theme events. Try them.

Unusual Holiday Decor

When you are looking for the unusual Holiday Décor, check out our Flocked Trees andGlittery TreesShimmery and icy, these pieces give you a whole new look, all the while recalling the Wintry, snow filled vision of the Season. 

Snow filled boughs can serve as backdrop other than the usual green. Perfect as the color foil for the red of poinsettias or ornaments in vivid colors or alone as a white, shiny eye catching statement.  Use your creativity to give your clients “something new and different”.
Pastel Sparkled Ornaments on Prelit White Tree

Holiday Themes

There are a large number of Holiday themes that can be incorporated into your Holiday displays. Winter Wonderland, Frosted Sugar Plums & Pastels, Candyland, Tuscan Holiday, Fairytale, Aquatic Sea-life, Woodland, Jazz N Blues or Designer Shoes. A theme can be just a few easily recognizable items or extensive.  Also, check out our large collection of Sparkly ornaments in a wide range of colors for any holiday themes. Use them hung with fishing line in staggered fashion for huge impact.  Stick to just a few shapes and in one or two colors.  Bingo!