Real vs Replica: Polyblend® Outdoor Foliage

Real vs Replica: Polyblend® Outdoor Foliage

Posted by Katie Jorgenson on Jun 26th 2014


Replica Volume 6

Real vs Replica: Polyblend®Outdoor Foliage

Did you know there are over 2,000 species of palm trees in the world?  Whether a 3' tall cluster or a 25' tall specimen, palms are all over in the plant world.  Here at Autograph, we stock common as well as unique varieties of artificial palms for interior and exterior use!  Our Polyblend® outdoor palm fronds look so realistic they blend beautifully with live foliage in a natural setting.  From Areca and Phoenix to Coconut or Cycas Palms we have you covered!

Nowadays, UV material that is commonly sold on the market may appear attractive in look and price. You know the saying, "You get what you pay for"? Well, that is true here! Just know this, Autograph's proprietary material has a 5 year fade warranty. Not to mention, our Polyblend® plants have been installed on the Las Vegas strip as well as amusement parks all over the country and lasting more than 5 years!

For larger scale outdoor projects requiring extra protection against high wind, wind sheer, salt, humidity, or intense UV exposure, special components can be used to increase the performance of our product outdoors over 5 years even up 10 years in many places!  Always remember to discuss your project details with your Autograph representative!
Palm Trees: Bring in a Tropical Feel Without the Heat!

Real live palms can be found in nurseries around the world especially in warmer more tropical climates. If you are tired of the hassle of maintaining live palms indoors then we are here to help. Autograph carries a variety of artificial palms to suit your interiorscaping needs.

Our replica palms require very little maintenance except for the periodic dust off or spray with our foliage cleaner.  Replica are impervious to pests and weigh considerably less.  Plus, fire retardant foliage can be incorporated with your interior installation to meet your local fire codes. How important is this?  Well, years ago our Interiorscape clients did not realize they had a job that had to conform to the fire department's code. They ordered and installed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of artificial foliage only to have the job rejected because the material did not meet code.They never made that mistake again. So, when you get that huge artificial job, make sure product meets code. Word to the wise!

Bamboo Paradise

In our Cleveland warehouse we stock thousands of different items. Everything from tropical all the way to Alaskan pine trees. For this early summer edition though, we want to introduce to you the possibilities of our bamboo items. Bamboo both natural and artificial (many of our canes are natural) can be used in a variety of ways. 

Our prefabricated bamboo fence (W-110010) can be used for many different purposes. This item can be set up as a ready made divider in an office setting or perhaps the home of one of your client's to break up a living room.  This item can add a great accent as opposed to the traditional office divider.

If you are tired of blinds for your business but would like some privacy try using our variety of bamboo canes and branches to craft a sort of indoor fence.  This will still allow light to come in while providing a bit of privacy as well. An accent like this can help change the feel of an entire building while giving a natural feel.  


As the seasons change in many parts of the world, so will the colors of your designs. Our catalog features a variety of branch options to suit all your needs. Our new selection of cherry blossom branches are a perfect fit for that spring time feel with soft pink, hot pink, red, or cream color. These branches are always in high demand! When the fall comes around consider any of our colored oak and maple leaves, also available in IFR material. 

Interiorscapers use lots and lots of natural trunk trees! No reason to feel constricted. Autograph's has a large stock of trees as high as 12 foot tall. And, we custom build trees up to 20 foot tall. Our custom trees are very reasonably priced in comparison stock. And yes, the leaves are realistic with the finishing touch of natural trunks. Trunks of real wood in the right colors and the right number of leaves adds to the final, very real effect. These are the statements you need!

Product Showcase: Stephanie Ruggles
Sales Representative

 We welcome the month of June, the beginning of summer with one of our most charismatic and fabulous employees, Stephanie Ruggles! Many of those reading have likely spoken with Stephanie at some point in time over the course of her 9 years working at Autograph. Stephanie came to Autograph with prior experience in the floral industry at a large retail floral chain, and has loved working in the same field.

Throughout her years at Autograph, she has traveled to various gift trade shows meeting some of our greatest clients and has worked closely with them on specific projects. She has also been directly involved with new product development. She has a strong knowledge of all our products especially dealing with large import projects and special orders.

Stephanie loves the succulents line best and pushed for choices and colors in our line. Her favorite color is purple and she loves the various shades of purples, pinks and blues including hot pink, dark blue, violet lavender and a popular color for 2014 - orchid.

She is also involved in developing new colors for the
Polyblend® outdoor blooming plants! So when you have a special  project in need of some direction or help with anything blooming (especially in shades of purple), call Stephanie for advice!


We added many new items to our full-line catalog this year. From grasses to succulents, branches, blooming plants, moss mats, Autograph continues to give you options for all of your interiorscape needs. Just as an artist needs new shades of paint, you can always use a new item to add to your repertoire of design options!
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