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Posted by Katie Jorgenson on Mar 5th 2014


Think outside the big green box. A product that can help INCREASE your business and profits!
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Replica Volume 2

And you are walking by them each and every day....

Plantworks specializes in Design and Build replica Projects all over the U.S and elsewhere but what their most called for is for Exterior Plants.  

Now “plastic” foliage is NOT new...

In fact Tom Acklin, owner of Autograph Foliages, introduced it back in the early 1970’s. In the beginning it could be found mostly around fast food shops and gas stations. It was a first but Tom wanted the product to perform even better. Not from Autograph was the stuff that faded or turned “blue”.
Out in Vegas, Plantworks wanted the same. Perfect long lasting plants. Plantworks did not sell live plants. They built huge trees of real trunks with replica branches. They installed Hospitality venues like the M Resort, Venetian, Cosmopolitan, and The Peppermill.  In fact, their client list accounts for all the famous and infamous names all over the country.
Architects from all over the world called Plantworks for problem solving advice, design and installation. Most of their product is from Autograph.

They found that they could rely on Autograph for quality and realistic material. So it was that Tom Acklin and Tom Lias had the same goals: to make a non-fading material to blend right in with natural elements and will last year round.  And, so it was that more Polyblend® foliage evolved. Today, Polyblend® is being used in many applications in the U.S. with some installations lasting up to 10 years or more!
Now, I can hear you saying, “All plastic is the SAME stuff!"  Not so!!
The old material was a poor grade of polymer, a plastic designed for indoor use, and because of its lack of UV stabilization, it fades! Not exactly a client pleaser. Autograph worked on the material and Plantworks served as the testing lab using the Polyblend®. Polyblend® is a proprietary compounded and enhanced polymer. It was the perfect relationship.
Remember the movie The Graduate? Benjamin has just graduated from college and is floating in his parent’s pool trying to decide what to do when one of his Father’s friends comes up to him and offers in serious tone to give him just one word of advice. “PLASTICS" he says in a hushed tone. It got a huge laugh as we all sat in the movie theatre, but that man was right! PLASTICS. But in this case it is Polyblend®.
So, aren’t all plastics the same? No!

And that is why Autograph guarantees its Polyblend® product for 5 full years. That’s right. 5 Years! And if you need Polyblend® with Inherently Fire Retardant (IFR) material, Autograph can meet that need as well.
As architects saw the lasting effects they began to specify it more and more. In fact, Plantworks was able to come up with installation designs never imagined before. The Polyblend® Outdoor Boxwood Hedges were not just used for visual effect. Oh no! Information screens were affixed to them so that as guests walked the grounds they were alerted to a new restaurant, a new show and so on. They served as traffic guides perimeter demarcation. As time has gone on, Tom Lias tells us that they are even being called for failed “green” projects.

The opportunities are out there; you just have to let your clients know you have the product and the design and installation expertise. Soon it will be Spring. Clients will need their grounds spruced up and you are the perfect company to help them. The valet entrance, the swimming pool area, a thatched roof inside or out and all those locations where access is a problem. Need a thatched Tiki Bar? No problem.  Our Polyblend® Thatch won’t rot, mold, or look unsightly.
Look at pages 112 through 137 in the Autograph catalogue and let your imagination and creativity run wild. Just remember that not all plastic is the same. Ours won’t fade, is super realistic, and will lead to repeat business. Our deepest thanks to Tom Lias and everyone at Plantworks for their help and photos!
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