Future Sales Opportunities for Interior Plantscapers

Posted by Katie Jorgenson on Mar 5th 2014

Enhance your plantscaping using Autograph's interior and exterior topiaries! Dallas Show Specials!
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Replica Volume 1

Future Sales Opportunities
for Interior Plantscapers

Time to think about Exterior Plantings. Consider all those High End Hotels, Office Buildings, Downtown Restaurants. Their entrance is the“smile” that invites their clients to come inside. Live foliage is your first option, but is hard to maintain when placed against a wall. The front looks OK, but the back doesn’t get enough light and it dies out.

Time for Replica from Autograph to come to the rescue.

The most elegant product for this application is Replica. Topiaries that flank either side of the entrance give an elegant look.

We offer a wealth of product to fit these needs in a number of classic shapes and even weather friendly leaves and needles.

Shapes are meant to replicate the Classic Look.
Single, double, and triple shapes on steel or natural trunks. Columns, spirals, double spirals, both lit and unlit, and, if you are in the Southwest, Pine Cacti to carry the theme through. We even have Bonsai shapes.
Other Materials used are chosen to endure full sun to shaded areas. Leaves and needles may be constructed of Polyblend® Outdoor (plastic), most are treated to give youUV Protection for at least 5 years or more. The natural trunks complete the look and fool the eye. Offered in Boxwood, Laurel, Juniper and more, you will have fun creating unique and classic designs. Heights and widths are meant to serve all your needs.

So, now while everyone is thinking Holiday, keep in mind, Spring is going to be here before you know it and your client’s buildings exterior will look blank and dull.
A Great opportunity to sell! Also, here are 2 Tips:

Get your container large enough to hold faux or live color blooming, and, fill the container with a layer of concrete, then install your Replica to keep the Greenery from “walking” away.

Topiary can be placed on opposite sides of the Elevator bank, an entrance way, or along a walkway. When used in rows of the same product, keep in mind the old Florist’s Rule of using odd numbers, 3, 5, 7 etc. Yep, Topiary from Autograph. This is a Product to love and another clever way to do add on sales.

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