Autograph Replica Newsletter: Volume 4

Posted by Katie Jorgenson on Oct 4th 2014

Autograph Can Make A HUGE Impact on Your Bottom Line

Autograph Replica Volume 4

Every few years some new product or product improvement comes along that changes the game.  In the world of Replica, artificial, silk, or faux foliage, one of the first improvements came back in the 80's when the silk screening  process gave us leaves with the coloration and details were in the right place. Then, later construction gave us stems that were bendable.  In short, the materials and construction improved and the finished result was better and more accepted by clients.

Problems still, however existed. Colors could still be garish, and product might not hold their color and fade. Inside use demanded meeting stringent fire codes that could vary from Municipality to Municipality. This was particularly important as Interiorscapers took over more and more Holiday work.

Tom Acklin of Autograph Foliages took up the challenge and one by one addressed them.  In a relatively short time, he came up with answers and improvements. 

Now you the interiorplantscaper can order Inherently Flame Retarded material (IFR), foliage in realistic materials and colorations. The most recent innovation from Autograph, is truly amazing but not yet understood by plantscapers. That is a shame since this new advance, particularly when combined with IFR, opens up a whole new world.

If you go to your Autograph Catalogue pages 113-141, you will find Polyblend® Outdoor Foliage. What that refers to is a way of changing the "recipe" of the plastic material so the now stabilized material can not only be used outdoors, but resists fading! No more "blue" plants!!

Plus, when treated with our IFR formula, it can last for years. Interiorscapers just eyeballing the trees, bushes, hedges foliage cannot see any difference, but there are! Now the playing field is wider, higher, and more adaptive. It means just like that , increase your revenue by a big percentage, now  IFR could mean another huge jump. This is particularly attractive in this crazy economy. It is like giving a grocery store another 3 aisles of food. 

But you can only benefit if  you know it is out there and and sell the heck out of it. Folks, this a hole new "Sport" added to the Olympics.

GRASSES -The Most Used Product for Exterior Realism
Nothing replicates the Landscape as does Grasses. In geometric patterns in all green or in colors such as tutone green, brown/green, burgundy, rust, yellow/green, or grey/green. Grasses are a wonderful way to add accents, focal points, or recreate the landscape. Read More of Article...

A Really Big Challenge and How to Meet It!

Every so often one of your Interiorscape clients needs a very, very large tree  for their Lobby or atrium.  I'm not talking about a 7' tree but something BIG!  Here at Autograph we can help you design or fabricate your dream.  We offer Ficus, Gingko, and Oak, Pin Oak, Maple, Cherry Blossom, Banyan, Aspen,  Weeping Willow and more! Some suppliers offer similar foliage but here's the rub. Read More of Article....
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