Autograph Foliages, home of Polybend Outdoor Artificial Foliage

Autograph Foliages, home of Polybend Outdoor Artificial Foliage

Posted by Katie Jorgenson on Oct 16th 2013

Warranty and Testing

5 YEAR Polyblend® Outdoor Plant Warranty
No other Manufacturer can compete. Best in the Industry!

Since 1971, Autograph has molded a line of outdoor shrubbery and tropicals designed to with stand the ravages, of sun, ice, wind, pollution, and people. Autograph stands strong against our Polyblend® products and we have the customers to prove it! With our Polyblend ® plants we offer a 5 year fade warranty.  Our product has been tested by a team of engineers and proven to last longer than any product out on the market.  Autograph manufactures high quality artificial, durable, premium, commercial grade outdoor plastic plants for with over 40 years of experience.

Testing and Proven Time and Time Again - LIFETIME PERFORMANCE
Our Polyblend® artificial plants have been proven and proven over time. With over 40 years of experience and knowledge in the industry, take look at our product and see for yourself.  Our Inherent Fire Retardant Polyblend® Artificial Plants meet all National Fire Prevention Association 701 Test for non-flammability plus ASTM E84-95, Standard Test Methods for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials.

Other Companies Guess
Other companies will make claims that their UV artificial plants and trees are made to last outdoors and will not fade. What they tell you is that they can only provide a ONE year warranty. Why? Because their product can not be guaranteed longer than one year. Autograph offers a 5 year warranty against fading! Autograph's Polyblend® Outdoor foliage can last up to 10 years in many regions of the United States. Please contact us for references!