Mint Leaves

Artificial Mint leaves can be used in many ways. It’s a cool herbal accent for celebratory occasions or decor in public areas. Design with Mint leaves in a table arrangement, create an herbal garden in shopping malls, accent a wreath, or use in groupings in a decorative vase. Whatever you do, it has valuable uses. You could use it for:

  • Home Decor - Add to a table centerpiece or wreath
  • Hotels in Lobbies, or as Room Accents
  • Retail Stores - Accent products such as fragrances, lotions, hair salons.
  • Restaurants - Add ambiance in restaurant and places require some color
  • Weddings - Incorporate in bouquets or centerpieces.
  • Herbal Garden - A grouping of herbs


Artificial sage leaves are perfect to add texture and soft detail to your DIY bouquets and centerpieces. It could be used for home decor, or as a display at a hotel. Additionally, it could be used in medical offices for the waiting rooms. Artificial sage is perfect for these settings as it won’t contribute to allergies or attract insects. It stays looking perfect without the maintenance of real sage!


Artificial thistle could be used for decoration in nursing homes, in offices, and in hotels. Faux thistle is a nice filler for flower arrangements because it adds texture. Additionally, there would be no worries about allergic reactions or pests invading your business.


Artificial thyme can be used to add to any bouquet but looks particularly beautiful in wedding bouquets. That way your wedding guests won’t be affected by allergies or insects that real thyme may attract. In addition, you can keep it as a keepsake and it will stay beautiful forever!


Artificial rosemary herbs could be placed in a decorative pot, and you have a simple, lasting house plant for your kitchen decor. Many real estate agents use faux rosemary to “stage” a home because of how charming it looks. It’s also beneficial because it won’t affect allergies of your clients. Additionally, faux rosemary could also be used on commercials or TV.


Artificial lavender is a versatile plant. Lavender is used quite often for many applications. It can be used as flowering decor in shopping malls, atriums, restaurants, hospitals or as residential decor. Faux lavender look is realistic and charming without the upkeep!


Artificial basil is another herb that can be used in kitchens. It could be used in restaurants, homes, casinos or hospitals. Or even on a TV cooking show! No matter what setting you choose, faux basil will look amazing for years to come!


Faux cilantro is useful in kitchens as well. You can use them on windowsills in hospitals, nursing homes, homes, and apartments. In addition, they would look great in restaurants without the worry of pests that real plants attract!


Artificial hops, part of the Hemp family is a flowering plant that can be used for ambiance in food markets, grocery stores, restaurants, or breweries. Wrap them around pillars or hang them in decorative vases. Other uses include add as accent in arrangements, or wreaths, or table centerpieces. Hanging hops are great accents for wall gardens too.


Celery is often thought of as a healthy vegetable. But artificial Celery can be used with other artificial herbs. Our faux Celery is available in 32” Spray. It can be used for making simple arrangements or cut and added together for a bouquet or grouping.


Faux marijuana is gaining popularity recently. It is a versatile faux herbal plant commonly used for display purposes only! Artificial marijuana sprays are made in plants for museums, theatrical plays, and films. Artificial marijuana is great addition to store dispensaries and for educational purposes as well.

Benefits for Every Establishment

Many food establishments require you to have a certificate from the Health Board to have real plants in them. However, with these artificial herb plants, you can have a beautiful look without the hassle of getting a certificate or worrying about the pests real plants attract! These faux herb plants are a perfect addition to any commercial decor but more importantly for restaurants, fast food eateries, hospital or school cafeterias, and nursing homes as well. This is important because many people have allergies. Therefore, real plants are not allowed in many of these places. Faux plants would help add color and beauty without the worry! Allergies are the perfect reason to get artificial plants for weddings and events as well. You can still have the look of bringing nature inside without having to worry about allergic reactions. Or if they are “in season” or not. Additionally, artificial plants and flowers don’t attract insects or pests!