Artificial Plants, Flowers and Foliage to Hide Unsightly Trash

A gorgeous way to hide your garbage or other unsightly items

Using Artificial Plants, Flowers and Foliage in Trash Corrals

No matter how often they’re washed or neatly arranged along a driveway or curb, trash garbage cans and dumpsters simply aren’t anyone’s idea of curb-appeal boosters.

So what’s a homeowner or property manager to do? Well here’s a great selling point and out-of- the-box idea for our creative Landscape Designers!

Meet the trash corrals. Parking waste receptacles behind these attractive screens automatically transform them from eyesores to eye candy. Our creative trash corral suggestions preserve a property’s good looks while allowing easy access for waste disposal and cleanup.

Artificial Foliage Hedges

For a Greenwall trash corral tall enough to hide large receptacles, turn to our freestanding faux hedges:

  • Our English yew (Taxus baccata) artificial UV hedges have more than 10 thousand pliable, lifelike commercial-grade polyresin leaves screening their 6-by-4-foot wireframes. 

  • For a more formal look, our 5.5-by-4-foot UV  boxwood screen boasts 9,700 individual leaves.

  • Or for an exotic tropical touch, conceal standard, 44-inch trash and garbage containers with our fake UV rated  Schefflera hedges. At 4-by-4 feet with 1200 compound leaves, they stay lush and green all year! 

  • For the biggest jobs, like hiding an 8-foot chicken-wire dumpster enclosure, we offer the 103-by-51-inch UV boxwood mat roll Simply cut it to size and tie its sturdy plastic-grid backing to your fence or against sturdy metal frame. 

  • Accent even surrounding areas near receptacles with Decorative Polyblend UV Topiaries. Boxwood Topiaries are a great accent piece or camouflage for unsightly areas such as 3 Foot Boxwood Teardrop or Cone Topiaries or Single boxwood ball topiaries. all designed to withstand exterior weather conditions.  

A Limited UV rating makes all these faux hedges suitable for partially to minimally sunny areas.

Polyblend Exterior Green Walls

Have an existing trash corral that needs a facelift? Thinkcustom-made Polyblend® green wallpanels. They’re made from dense, heat sealed polymer plastic similar and infused with our proprietary premium UV chemicals and blended with colorants found in commercial applications.  

Is your big project facing a really tough environment with high winds or humidity, regular salt exposure or long hours of direct daily sun? Let us know, and we’ll upgrade our customPolyblend’s® performance with special additives to meet your specific challenges. 

We’re confident that doing so will greatly extend even double the performance of your product beyond our standard 5-year warranty. And, where a fire is a concern, ourfire-retardant Polyblend® IFR products have you covered!

 Prefer a DIY green wall? Then consider our 20-inch by 20-inch Polyblend® Japanese Boxwood Wall Mat,English ivyorbutton fern mats. Like the boxwood mat roll, they have polyresin grid backings ideal for trimming to the desired shape and attaching to existing fences or trellises.

 Given all the other maintenance managing a yard or commercial landscape requires, we see our faux-hedge trash corrals as an ideal alternative to natural-hedge ones, after all, they’ll never need a drop of water, an ounce of fertilizer or a minute of pest control and clipping!

Hinged-Panel Screens

Available in a range of styles and sizes, hinged-panel screens double as trash concealers and attractive architectural accents. The best performers are constructed of exterior-grade cedar, natural bamboo or steel-framed, heavy-duty resin construction.

 Some screens have integrated planters perfect for displaying our faux exterior impatiens, flowering gardenia, Japanese boxwood ball topiaries or colorful onion grass bushes.

Latticework Panels

Love the idea of latticework panels but want something to cover the gaps? Weave in our 9.5-footbougainvillea garlands. They’re covered with 259 UV Limited leaves and eye-catching blooms in your choice of six true-to-life colors. 

For a classic cottage-garden look, go with our 7-foot,soft-pink rose garland for sheltered or interior lattice panels.  Or capture the spirit of the season with our 6-foot and 14-foot heavy-gauge wire free pine garlands. A latticework trash corral can be as versatile as you like!

Trellises as Trash Corrals

Simple but durable wire and wood trellises make excellent trash corrals. Those with tightly woven designs make instant screens. Like latticework panels, they’re perfect showcases for ourUV Limited orPolyblend® faux-foliage garlands.

For a double impact, go for natural-wood or high-grade plastic planter boxes with attached trellises. Finish them with the artificial potted outdoor sansevieria, or potted UV podocarpus shrubs andoutdoor hanging plants. Think fauxAgave cactus for a desert setting or ferns for anywhere you’d like a cool green touch.

Still on the fence?

Still debating about the most practical and attractive way to utilize artificial foliage to fence in  trash or other unsightly objects?

Then let us suggest what would work best with your client’s budget and overall landscape plan. You’ll have a head-turning, one-of-a-kind trash corral design in next-to-no-time!