Artificial Foliage for Commercial Spaces, Restaurants, Historic and Tiny Homes

Faux Flowers for Commercial Spaces, Restaurants and Historic or Tiny Homes

When you hear the phrase “artificial flowers,” do you immediately picture plastic stems and leaves in surreal shades of green, bearing limp-petaled blooms in colors not found on any natural flowers that ever lived? 

If so, Autograph Foliages’ faux flowers are here to change your mind! Crafted from the most durable state-of-the-art materials, they’re lifelike enough for any venue where fresh flowers would be at home.

Commercial buildings, restaurants, and homes both great and small all make ideal venues for faux floral arrangements. They need to look their best all day, every day -- but natural flowers or blooming plants can make that very difficult. 



  •  Even the most stunning natural floral arrangement looks fresh for just a few days. Then its leaves and petals begin to wither and brown. When that happens, it’s time to remove the offending stems -- or to toss the entire thing, no matter how much replacing it will it cost!

  •   With natural flowers, spills are always a possibility. This is especially true in restaurants, where even a small bud vase can up spill onto a diner’s plate or lap!

  •   Blooming plants need ongoing maintenance: regular watering and feeding, periodic pruning and grooming and pest or disease management. What commercial establishment has the time or money to take that on?

 Autograph Foliages’ faux stems, sprays, branches, and flowering trees or bushes have none of these drawbacks. But what else makes them uniquely suitable for clients with commercial or dining spaces and historic or even “tiny” homes?

Faux Flowers for Commercial Spaces and Public Homes

Are your clients in the restaurant, hospitality, retail or entertainment business? Or custodians of historic homes open to the public? If so, they need unique and compelling decor. 

In a time when so many people are turning to the Internet to shop and entertain themselves, the compelling decor is especially important for brick-and-mortar retailers and theaters.

Hotel, financial institutions, and commercial leasing spaces also project a greater aura of quality by using faux floral arrangements as key focal points. 

Faux flower centerpieces adorn the dining room table at Elvis Presley’s Graceland. And a garland of hand-crafted hibiscus once decorated the Upper Cross Hall of Michele Obama’s White House during a Korean State Dinner!

And artificial flowers are as easy to care for as they are on the eyes! A quick going over with a feather duster and Q-tips, and they look like new. Or try using our Silk Shampoo Cleaner.  Spray on and let it dry, it’s that simple! So the janitorial or housekeeping staff has more time to devote to other tasks!

Concerned about fire risk? Autograph Foliages features 26 varieties of inherent fire-retardant faux flowers, including:

Our collection of silk floral stems, branches, faux flowering bushes, and garlands works with a wide range of interior styles and color schemes. We’ve even mastered the art of blending multiple colors on the same petals for added realism. Additionally, blending special fabric with quality creates a natural touch or soft touch feel just like the real thing.  

Take our 20-inch hydrangea bush, with petals awash in softly blended tones of cream, lime green, and blush pink. They’re all set off by raspberry-pink centers and deep-green leaves -- just like the real thing!

Finally, refreshing an interior commercial space with our faux flowers to reflect the season is a snap. Our springtime favorites include artificial tulips, lilacs, peonies, and forsythia. Saucy artificial petunias bring a laid-back summer vibe.   Need to spruce up the landscape? Don’t forget our Polyblend Outdoor Flowering collection too!  Autograph has plenty of options for outdoor summertime landscapes including artificial UV azaleas, geraniums, gardenias, impatiens, hibiscus and bromeliads.  

Yellow, golden-orange or burgundy-red chrysanthemums announce a touch of fall frost in the air. And nothing says “Merry Christmas” like decking the hall (or atrium, reception desk and tables) without our radiant-red, 23-inch silk poinsettia bushes! Also available in Polyblend UV material.

Faux Flowers and the Tiny-Home Trend

Boomers are downsizing and budget-conscious millennials are seeking simpler more mobile lifestyles. Add apartment-dwelling business people, and a tiny-home trend is sweeping the country. 

Tiny homes may be custom-built as seasonal getaways. Many of them double as transportation: RVs, houseboats or remodeled school buses. Most have less than 400 square feet of living space. 

They may be small, but they’re perfect for people on the go who love the idea of a home full of flowers but hate the idea of being tied down to care for them. These tiny homeowners also deserve your attention, because their demand for artificial flowers will continue to grow!