8 Benefits of Decorating Your Space with Artificial Plants

An Interior Decorators Guide to Selling Artificials to Homeowners without a Green Thumb!

Are you looking for a pretty splash of green in your office, home, or commercial space? But don’t have the time to maintain and care for the natural greens? What if I told you that you could add not just a beautiful green element to your décor but also, you wouldn’t need to maintain it as much? Sounds too cool to be true, right? 

Artificial plants and trees are the perfect answer to all your beautiful décor dreams! They look as attractive as the natural beauties and don’t need a constant eye on them either. There are many other benefits of using artificial plants, whether it is for your outdoor or indoor locations. 

Let’s have a look at some of them:

1. Looks Matter: They Look Real!

While natural plants cannot be compared to, artificial flora tries to match it with its intricate and well-designed details. At Autograph Foliages, they are designed in a way that they look as good as natural. And I don’t wish to brag, but some of them look even better than the natural plants! The hues, textures, and foliage patterns are matched to look like a replica or a better version. They are available in varied colors, and that gives you a lot of options to choose from. 

2. Maintenance, what maintenance?

Do you often forget to water your beloved plants? Or keep them in the sun? Or, don’t you have the time to talk to them? Well, artificial plants would be the best option for you. The maintenance, care, and attention required by your artificial plants is minimal.  Simply go about your daily routine without caring much about tending to your artificial foliage.  No special fertilizers are required to maintain the smallest of artificial plants or even the biggest of artificial trees

3. Seasons, no more worrying reasons!

For your client's with hectic, on-the-go lifestyles, decorating with artificial foliage is a wise investment.  Silk indoor foliage, especially everyday greenery is unaffected by changing seasons. No need to worry about swapping out your fake palm tree or flowering cherry blossom in your living room when the weather gets cold! Artificial Floor plants, artificial grasses, or artificial tropical plants although seasonal, can be kept looking natural all year round.  Or, choose one of our artificial greens, Oaks, or faux green shrubs which are literally ‘evergreen’ as they don’t shed leaves or change appearance according to the weather. Whether it is the harsh winters, fall, autumn, scorching summers, or rains, your artificial flora will bring cheer to your family, friends, guests, and colleagues all year round. 

4. Spoilt for Choice!

When you opt for natural plants or trees, you are restricted to the species that dwell or fare well in your climatic conditions. You don’t have to worry about the species, climatic adaptation, or survival conditions with artificial foliage. There is an immense variety of artificial plants and trees. Whether you like the beautiful flowery plants or just leaf plants, whether you love the pine trees or a sheet of green, you can shop for what you want. 

There are varied colors, shapes, and styles available in most plant and tree types. For example, if you’re planning a tropical-themed wedding, placing these beautiful tropical plants would add a great vibe to the ambiance! 

Decorate Space With Artificial Plants

5. Versatile Décor and Soothing Aesthetics.

The best part about artificial plant arrangements is that you can play with and try several sizes, colors, combinations or types that suit your space the most. If you want to do more in less space, go for artificial hanging plants near your windows or doors. You can also create a fancy vertical garden by choosing a fake green wall. Go for long trees if you are looking to decorate a massive space like malls. 

Each of the designs you pick might be available in several colors or even in pairs. If you have a keen sense of the best home décor designs, then the sky is your limit when it comes to artificial plants and trees. 

6. Place Them Wherever You Want.

You can keep changing the plant’s position, as it doesn’t depend on any source of sunlight, air, or water.  Artificial plants or trees brighten up your bedroom, foyer, office desk, children’s room, or even the bathroom! It entirely depends on your taste and the space you want to place it in. 

Artificial potted plants give you the flexibility to keep changing the position too. They are not heavy and can be used in several corners of your space. Shady areas or dark spaces can be brightened up instantly by placing any of the  lovely designs of artificial plants

7. No Allergens.

Many people suffer from plant-related allergies. Even though they love the look of plants, they can’t bear the presence of plants around them. This can cause sniffles or hay fever symptoms in them. 

The best solution for such problems is artificial plants, especially for allergic people. Silk plants or even other artificial plants do not contain any allergen that might cause any allergy to you.  

8. Visually Appealing.

As you already know, plants can provide a refreshing change to mundane routines. That’s the reason people love to be amid nature while on vacation. However, you can make your daily life enjoyable by adding some excellent artificial plants to your office or home space. 

Studies have shown that plants tend to have a positive impact on your psychology and productivity. They are mood-alleviators and can boost morale. Artificial floor plants can be used to decorate and liven up your living room.  

There’s no dearth of variety. You can easily give your home, event, or office space a chic and stylish look just by arranging the right artificial plants at the right place. You can use artificial plants as an extension of your personality too. Signboards, hedges, topiaries, vertical gardens, grass mats, potted plants, roof plants, floor plants – and many more areas can be beautified by artificial plants. If you’re running out of ideas but want to buy something unique, you can always check Autograph Foliages!  Visit the website and get a glimpse into the vast and beautiful world of artificial greenery.