Cacti & Succulents

bellis-fair-green-wall-reduced.jpg Autograph Succulents features a wide variety of use as individual plants, on   tabletop, massed in planter beds or as top dressing under large specimens, they   look and feel like the real thing. Available in various mix of colors. Check out our   Succulent picks - Agave, Sedum, Echeveria, Money Plant, Aloe, and Aeonium and   others.  Check out Fire Retardant Succulents too!

 With the advent of Green Walls and Framed  Foliage, Succulents fill a new role in   your designs; for instance they can be  placed geometrically in rows, or squares,   mixed with other Replica plants, used as hanging balls, or done as stripes. You can   even spell out names or logos.  

 Using Succulents is an eye-catcher and we all know that something relatively  small but unique can be the one thing that intrigues the client. 
 In Lobby, over the   Reception Desk, or on the Restaurant Wall, they will find a home. And, because   they are Replica, they go anywhere!