Potting Kits

Potting Kit Instructions


Step 1

Materials For Recipe:

1 – Paper Mache Container (SIZES VARY)
1 – Bag of Plaster 
Water (approx C to 1 Cups)
1 Stirring Stick 
1– Autograph Foliages Plant or Tree


Step 2

Pour Plaster into Paper Mache Container.


Step 3

Slowly stir in water.

PLEASE NOTE: The amount of water varies with amount of plaster. If too much water is added, plaster will just take longer to thicken.


Step 4

Continue stirring approx. up to 1 minute or until mixture thickens.


Step 5

Set your plant stem into thick mixture. Hold plant steady for about 5 minutes or until plaster mixture hardens.


Step 6

Shape your plant or tree to create your desired look.



If you are placing your plant into a Decorative Pot, you may cut the extra or unused material of the paper mache container (See picture). This will install easily into a fitted sized pot and will give your planter base a cleaner, more finished look.

Installation of Landscaping Grass 

Product Information: 
A-91901 and A-91905, Autograph's New Landscaping Grass has found its place into the Landscape America Collection, because of the wonderful color and the non-glare polyethylene. The "Spring Set" Nylon adds a soft foundation for the turf. This nylon adds cushion and causes the P.E. to regain its original appearance after traffic has depressed the pile. For maximum pile retention always infill with 1-2 lbs per square foot of sand and 1lb of rubber per square foot. If you want a cushion effect. The soft subtle polyethylon has a special texturizing effect that makes the turf look natural.

Installation of Landscape Turf:
Base: Scrape clean and kill all existing grass and remove any topsoil that could germinate seeds. If possible remove any old shrubs and bring level of yard up so the water will drain away from the foundation. Spread 4 inches of "Crusher Run" Limestone compacted to at least 75%. Add top layer of 1/4 minus Granite dust or Block screenings. Water down and compact. Slopes or other landscaping techniques are allowed. Add French drains below the top base if you re-direct any water that drains through turf.
Seams: Each roll has a selvedge that extends beyond the edge of yarn rufts by about 2 inches. This can be used to attach two rolls together. Seams can be sewn, glued with nylon tape, folded under and attached to ground using landscape nails. Short seams less than 50 feet or on a project that is not being used as a play surface can use the nail method. Be careful, nails bust be solid in ground 12-15 inches deep. Care must be taken to avoid any exposed edges. Several methods of installation can be engineered depending upon the local situation:

1) Glue turf down if possible. 2) Attach turf to wood timbers. 3) Bury edges and corners. 4) Cover with rocks, timbers or bark. 5) Rebar or landscaping nails. 6) Steel or rubber edging. 

Top Dressing: High quality clean washed, dry sand sieve size 20-40 works best. Use a drop spreader and apply sand slowly in an exact pattern. Erect the pile and level the sand. Sometimes a leaf blower will help stand the fibers straight up. Warm weather 70° and a hot sun will bring fibers erect. Use about 3lbs per 50 sq feet. If turf is to be used as a play surface add 1 to 2 lbs #15-20 crumb rubber. This can be supplied by the turf manufacturer in 100lb bags. Apply and brush rubber in the same manner. You cannot make a mistake that cannot be fixed later.