Grass Bushes


Grasses by Blondies TreehouseNothing replicates the Landscape as does Grasses. In geometric patterns in all green or in colors such as tutone green, brown/green, burgundy, rust, yellow/green, or grey/green. Grasses are a wonderful way to add accents, focal points, or recreate the landscape.

In spikes, clumps, or clusters, the product is very realistic and easy to work with.  There are loads of shapes and sizes, far more than enough for your creative palette. Use them in containers, in ground, in geometric spaces.  Just have fun!

We’ve often seen concrete or stone planters that are part of an accent pattern filled with grasses used. Used singly or in multiples, grasses fool the eye.  As with our other Polyblend® Outdoor Replicas, we have a 5 Year fade warranty!  No Other Company Will Offer 5 Years!

 Autograph Grasses. The Workhorse of Landscape. They meet all your Design Needs!