Plants & Greenery

Since 1971, Autograph's Polyblend UV technology has been field tested and proven to be the leading choice of fade resistant artificial foliage in commercial installations world-wide. Perfect for outdoor landscaping, these artificial plants, shrubs, flowers, trees and grasses are guaranteed to add some pizazz to any area where live plants can not grow or hard-to-grow areas.  Popular Polyblend shrubs include, Boxwood, Taxus Yew, Polycaise, Mountain Laurel, Junipers, Cypress Shrubs, and Mahonia.  Newly introduced plants include Croton and Cordyline! 

Autograph's proprietary Polyblend formula carries a 5 Year Fade Warranty. Our Polyblend formula heavily fortifies material to resist fading unlike those inexpensive plastic or fabric material sold as "UV silks" or "Permanent Leaf" Outdoor Foliage. Additionally, Autograph's Polyblend UV foliage can also be manufactured with Inherently Fire Retardant for added protection against combustible flames.  Our Polyblend Outdoor foliage is the safest UV material and #1 leading foliage the landscape and floral industries.