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One of the most exciting parts of the holiday season is the decorative lights that create a winter wonderland. Whether you see them driving through your local neighborhoods, while shopping at the mall, or visiting a theme park they bring a touch of holiday spirit. Autograph Foliages offers a wide selection of holiday lighting for any occasion. Browse from light strands, to lighted trees to lighting accessories. We also carry a variety of light options including battery operated, LED lights, and bluetooth lighting. Below is a guide to help you find the perfect lights for your project. Let us know if you have any questions!
G25 LED Bulb
G25 LED Bulb
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LED C7 Light Bulbs
LED C7 Light Bulbs
5mm or Wide Angle LED Lights
5mm or Wide Angle LED Lights
Warm White (warm, white/yellow), Multi-Colored, Winter White (cool, blue)
Crab Lights
Crab Lights
Traditional LED Lights
Traditional LED Lights
BlueTooth Lights
Bluetooth Lights
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Sync to iPhone, Plays Music
design ideas
Use lights in vases to illuminate and add extra twinkle to arrangements.
Layer colored lights over white lights on pre-lit trees to create a dimensional effect.
Use remote control mood globes as centerpieces or accents
Hang lighted balls in trees in coordinating colors for a more modern look
lighting types
In selecting lighted Holiday items, it is important to be aware of type of lights that are used on the product itself.
Unsealed Bulbs
Unsealed Bulbs
Recommended for Indoor Use.
Sealed Bulbs
Sealed Bulbs
Protects against any moisture getting inside bulb socket and causing a short. Sealed bulbs can be used outdoors.
Can add replacement light strands to branch.
UL Approved
UL Approved
All Lights are UL Approved.
CSA Bulbs
CSA Bulbs
Lighting is available that meets Canadian Standards. Pre-lit Items can be special ordered with CSA approved light strands.
lighting repair
There are several issues that can affect your lighting. The most common issue is power surge. Plugging in multiple lighted items together such as a row of Pre-lit 9ft. Garlands or a cluster of Christmas Trees will pull a lot of power especially with incandescent mini lights. Using a surge protector will protect against power surges causing faulty lighting. Don’t confuse a surge protector with a power strip. Both may look similar but the power strip will not protect your items in a power outage.

After a season or two of use, regular incandescent bulbs will begin dim or burn out and need to be replaced. As a few light bulbs burn out, the other functioning bulbs will begin to “hyperburn” meaning they will burn brighter for a short time until eventually they all burn out.

For LED Light Strands – Polarity issues are common cause for lights to “burn” out.
Correct Polarity
Reversed Polarity
Tips on Troubleshooting Faulty Light Strands
Connections Correct
Check to make sure all the connections are plugged in together and properly.
Broken or Missing Bulbs
Locate any broken bulbs or missing bulbs in the strand(s).
Cooper Wire Connection
Check to make sure the bulbs are placed in the socket properly.  Copper wires must make contact with metal connection inside socket.
Blown Fuse
Check that fuse was not blown.  Extra fuses are found in the plug.
Lightkeeper Pro
Use Lightkeeper Pro light tester to locate bad bulb for regular lights.  There are LED Light testers available for LED items.
It is important for your pre-lit goods to be checked carefully upon setting up for the season and before being taken down.
Autograph’s prelit items come with a handful of replacement bulbs. Additionally, we carry replacement light bulb strands in regular mini lights and LED Lights.
Helpful hints
What is the Lifespan of LED Lights?
The life of LED Christmas lights is estimated to be 25,000 to 75,000 hours. Median life span would be 50,000 hours.

If a tree was lit for 24 hours per day for 365 days (1 year), 8,760 hours of bulb life would be used up.

Life span on the low end of 25,000 hours divided by 8,760 (1 year) is 2.85 years before you would expect lights to begin burning out.  Life span of 75,000 hours at a maximum, is 8.56 years. Median life span of 50,000 hours is 5.70 years. 

Actual Christmas Tree Usage:
1 month with lights on 24 hours per day is 744 usage hours.
25,000 hour minimum life expectancy for LED bulbs is 33.60 years.
What does Warm White LED vs Winter White LED Mean?
White color varies when it comes to LED light bulbs. It's important to understand what you are purchasing. 

Most of our LED lights are ”warm white”, a softer color tone. This means they give off a slight yellow color tone rather than the blue tone.  Warm White LED's are similar to the color tones used in regular mini incandescent lights.  Winter White or Cool White LED lights are give off blue tone and are more commonly used on Flocked or White Trees.
What does Full Wave Mean?
Full wave refers to current flowing 100% in an AC Cycle. LED Christmas lights are considered “full wave or fully rectified” with less flickering of the light. Although it's still flickering, it can only be seen with the naked eye.
How many Amps are per bulb?
Amps per bulb x number of bulbs = Total Amps
How many Watts are used?
Amps x Volts = Watts
Bulb Type
Amps / Bulb
LED Bulb
Incandescent Mini Bulb
We are more than happy to help you pick the perfect decorations for your holiday design. Give us a call or email us and we’ll help you find the best fit!

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