FireSafe Foliage for Fabric Components from Autograph Foliages is an Industry Leader with Lab Tested and Approved Class A Fire Rating!
Autograph Foliages, the Only Manufacturer Providing Polyblend® UV Outdoor / IFR Material Combined for Specialized Commercial Installations.
Polyester (fabric) and Polyblend (plastic) material can be rendered Fire Retardant from Autograph Foliages by:

Inherently Fire Retardant:
Additives are impregnated into the fabric prior to injection molding thus rendering material permanently embedded into the fabric. FireSafe Foliage, from Autograph Foliages is Inherently Fire Retardant for the life of the product. By U.S. ASTM Fire Standards, Autograph's artificial foliage is rated Class A passing both Flame Spread and Smoke Tests.

Other Passing Fire Tests for Polyester material include:
  • ASTM-E84-16 - Class A Rating - Smoke and Flame
  • NFPA 701 Method 1 - Fire Tests for Textiles and Films - Passes both Plastic and Fabric Plants
  • California State Fire Marshall
  • British Fire Test 476 Part 6 and 7, Class 0 rating
  • Singapore Toxicity Testing
  • Canadian S109 Small and Large Scale
  • NFX 70-100 Method
  • Chinese Fire Testing - GB8624-2012 - Receives B1 Grade for Fabric Materials
Types of FireSafe Foliage
Fire Retardant Display Mats
Display mats are designed to be inherently fire retardant. Our FireSafe Foliage Display mats come in a wide array of styles from Boxwood, Grass and Tree Bark mats. Fire Retardant display mats can be used as privacy, accent wall or to simply as a dividing wall. We incorporate fire resist materials directly in our FireSafe Foliage Display Mats to guarantee safety in the chances of an emergency.
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Fire Retardant Grasses
Artificial grasses have been around for few decades and are a design industry favorite. Autograph's FireSafe grass bushes come in a variety of sizes and colors from 15" to 72" tall, with shades of greens, browns, or mixed fall colors. Other Fire retardant grashs like PVC Onion stems, Papyrus, and Plastic Reed grass are used for interior displays in buildings requiring fire resistant artificial plants.
Fire Retardant Greenery
No longer is it uncommon to get request for Fire Retardant greenery for a particular installation. Heavy populated cities like NYC or Las Vegas require Class A Fire Rated artificial greenery inside their public buildings. Autograph carries a line of FireSafe hanging bushes such as popular Variegated artificial Pothos plants, artificial Philodendron, Syngonium, Dracaena, English Ivies, Sanseverias, Fiddle Leaf Trees, Ferns and Croton Plants - A large variety for all types of design specific projects.
Fire Retardant Moss & Twig Vines
Specialty foliage like Artificial hanging Moss Vines, Faux Jungle Vines, and Twig Garlands will enhance the experience of any indoor themed environment. Such places where themes are used are at restaurants, haunted houses, movie sets, hotel resorts, and theme parks where traffic is high and public safety is important. Fires caused by electrical failure, lit cigarettes, or other unforeseen reasons are happening too often costing millions in property damages, and sadly in some cases, human life. The effects are too great so many of these public places only use Inherent Fire Retardant foliage for their designing needs. Autograph provides FireSafe Moss Vines, Faux Jungle Vines, and Twig Garlands for interior themed events.
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Fire Retardant Succulents
Succulents are colorful and modern! They come in different shapes, colors, and sizes and are mixed together for an aesthetically appealing zen-like garden, either in decorative pots or framed on a wall. Fire Retardant Artificial Succulents allow interior designers to creatively build faux garden walls in public places where fire certification is mandatory by the city Fire Marshal. In the past several years, Autograph has expanded its line of succulents to include Fire Retardant Aloe Cactus, Sedum, Fire Rated Barrel Cactus, and colorful Fire Rated Echeveria making design choices much easier for our talented clients. Popular Fire Rated Sanseveria Plants, Fire Rated Yucca Plants, and Fire Rated Agaves, like other artificial houseplants, are also available in Fire Retardant material. These types of large succulent plants make a great impact when showcased in multiple groupings in large open spaces.
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Fire Retardant Flowering Plants
In recent years, Fire Retardant flowers have become a popular demand in the world of decorating. From Artificial Orchids, Silk Roses, to Artificial Bougainvillea and Geraniums, artificial flowering plants are a necessity in the design industry. Why not make them safer by offering them Fire Retardant?
Advances in color technology allow most Fire Retardant flowers to be made more vibrant, and less dull and without the use of cheaper or thin fabric materials. Most Fire Retardant flowers are a specialty item but with Autograph, we carry many highly requested flower types and colors! Our FireSafe artificial flower line includes
Tropical Flowers, Perennial Flowers, Blooming Flowers, and Fire Retardant Seasonal Flowers!

Fire Retardant Palms & Trees
Landscapers or Plantscapers, and Designers may prefer to use artificial trees over live trees for a specific commercial project when customer prefers artificial plants, or for budgetary reasons or if maintenance and upkeep is challenging that setting.Therefore, providing different kinds of artificial trees or artificial palm trees in fire retardant material is imperative. The fire retardant material must be able to self extinguish if a fire should break out. It doesn't matter what size tree you install or if one tree has more foliage over another. Selecting FireSafe artificial trees is a safe and smart choice.
For over 40 years, Autograph has carried FireSafe artificial trees, large and small, to businesses everywhere. Our IFR Tree line consists of
Lady Palms, Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees, Willow Trees, Schefflera Trees, Bamboo Palms, and 15' to 20' Fire Retardant Phoenix Palms. Custom built fire retardant trees is a specialty that we have been doing since the late 1970's. We build artificial trees 4' tall to 20' tall - Many in Fire Retardant material like Cherry Blossoms Trees, Cottonwood, Gingko Trees, Bamboo Palms, Banyan Trees, Black Olive Trees, and many more.

Fire Retardant Branches
Fire Retardant artificial branches are a "must have" item in the artificial plant industry. Artificial tree builders, designers, and Autograph, must use Class A Fire Rated fabric material for custom building indoor artificial trees. Sometimes fire retardant branches are required for outdoor commercial installations and we can provide that too. At Autograph, we supply all types of fire retardant branches such as Ficus, Oak, Maple, Fiddle Leaf, Olive, Mangrove, Acacia, Palms and Pines to artificial tree makers and tree design companies all over the world. But also, as a manufacturer of artificial trees, Autograph custom builds large and small artificial trees for many projects world-wide. Therefore, our supply of artificial fire retardant branches is abundant and will always keep growing as the need for more types of Fire Retardant branches increases.