Sticks & Twigs

Clients and Designers alike appreciate the clean, architectural, and natural look of Birch Poles, Salt Cedar Branches and lengths of Bamboo bundled  in tall containers.  Best of all, you can achieve this look with minimal time and effort.  Quick and easy.  Autograph's natural-looking Bamboo Sticks, Faux Sticks, Birch Wood, Salt Cedar Twigs and Vines; these are the workhorses of design!  These three styles give you the three most wanted colorations, Off White Beige and Brown of the Birch, the Reddish Brown of the Natural Salt Cedar, to the Green or Dark Brown of the Bamboo.   Used in bunches alone or under planted with Succulents, Replica Kale,  or just with Green Moss or rocks, these configurations can be used in Residential or Hospitality settings.  

Popular Lengths include 4', 5', and 6'.   Plus, they are perfect in Oriental, Modern and Rustic decors.  We've even seen them used in conjunction with water features.  A winning combination.