Artificial Trees Versus Real Trees

Artificial Trees Versus Real Trees

Whether you plan to decorate an office building, public space such as a shopping mall or any other business do you go with Artificial or real plants and trees? Which is most cost effective? Which looks best? What are the pros and cons of each?


Advantages to using Artificial Plants

  1. There is no maintenance required at all. These types of artificial plants and trees do not need to be watered or pruned.

  2. Place them anywhere, sun or shade. Artificial plants do not require any sunlight. Most are also UV and fire retardant.

  3. The beauty of artificial greenery will automatically increase productivity and boost the overall mood of employees and patrons.

  4. Artificial plants and trees help reduce allergies and hay fever since they are not real plants.

  5. You can create any type of setting regardless of climate. Enjoy an artificial tropical palm tree in New York City without having to remove or replace it during the winter months.

  6. With Artificial Christmas Trees - You can Decorate Trees once, store them already decorated -- time saver!


Disadvantages to using Artificial Plants

  1. Some artificial plants and trees will look bad, however a good quality artificial plant or artificial tree will look 100% like real live plants. Basically, you get what you pay for. Premium quality material yields more natural looking artificial plants. The thinner the material, the cheaper the look.

  2. Artificial plants and trees will not provide the overall health benefits that real plants do.

  3. The air will not be as clean in a setting adorned with artificial plants.

  4. Depending on what they are made of plastic or metal, after their extremely long 50+ year shelf life, you must recycle them properly. 


Advantages to using Real or Live Plants

  1. Although there are no positive health benefits to having artificial plants, there are also no long term environmental advantages to artificial plants unlike Live Plants.

  2. A variety of health benefits are emitted by real plants, such as the release oxygen we breathe in carbon dioxide is taken in.

  3. The beauty of real plants will also increase mood and productivity levels.


Disadvantages to using Real Plants

  1. Living plants and trees need water maintenance. Some plants need sunlight to survive too.

  2. Real trees have the potential to flare up allergies and hay fever.

  3. They can be costly since they often times need to be replaced.

  4. Real trees also need sun. You have to put them in areas where they will get the proper amount of sun to stay alive.

  5. Increase electrical costs for having real tropical plants and palm trees in an indoor climate controlled environment. Some tropical foliage requires warmer, humid temperatures


There are benefits to artificial plants and trees and real plants and trees. Use whichever fits your situation.


Artificial Christmas Trees versus Real Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are so exciting every year. There are two options, real or artificial trees. Which option is best?


Advantages to using an Artificial Christmas Tree

  1. Artificial Christmas Trees are reusable year after year.

  2. They are pretty low maintenance and minimal mess. Store them in your basement, attic or garage.

  3. They can be recycled and serve nearly no negative impact on the environment!


Disadvantages to using an Artificial Christmas Tree

  1. Most consumer grade, retail, artificial trees are made of PVC which can potentially be toxic, The Autograph Foliages Professional grade artificial tree are Fire Retardant, and not toxic at all!!

  2. Artificial Christmas Trees don't have the same nostalgic Pine tree smell like live trees do unless you get the "Pine" Spray.

  3. Lower quality, consumer grade, retail purchased artificial trees can be a fire hazard. Depending on the materials, they can burn very fast. All artificial Christmas tree foliage from Autograph Foliage is Fire Retardant!


Advantages to using real Christmas trees

  1. So much better for the environment and can be recycled.

  2. They smell so good.

  3. Great for the environment and air quality.

  4. Provides a fun family experience to venture out and pick a tree every year.


Disadvantages to using real Christmas trees

  1. They can be a hassle with needing to be watered and dropping needles.

  2. Decorating can be more difficult. Adding Christmas Lights, ornaments etc

  3. Needles are hard and prickly and can hurt your fingers

  4. Real trees can be costly up to $200 and need replaced every year.

  5. Real Christmas Trees are not Fire Retardant. If you do not water them properly, they can become more of a fire hazard when dried out.

  6. Real Trees will burn in a fire, can cause the fire to be greater!


It’s great to support the environment and choose real Christmas trees. However, the decision is either a business or personal one for each situation.