Polyblend® is a premium line of outdoor faux foliage. UV resistant, low turnover, Fire Safe and real feel are 3 reasons Polyblend is the number one requested artificial foliage on the market. Polyblend fire retardant decor is just as beautiful as it is safe. The Polyblend collection of fire retardant, UV safe, indoor/outdoor artificial foliage plants and trees will bring the real feel outdoor feel, without any fire hazards!

  • Polyblend is permanent fire safe artificial foliage
  • Withstands Weather Conditions
  • Covering all varieties of Plants, Bushes, Cacti & Succulents

Products Used

Aesthetic Design Tips

Develop a focal point (or points). This creates movement in the landscape.

Choose plants that will work well with your theme.

Choose plants that will blend well with the natural plants that may be in the surrounding areas.

Be sure to vary heights and colors for visual interest.

Plan for under plantings and ground cover to pull the look together.

Groupings add more visual impact.

Be sure your plants are scaled correctly to the area – plants that are too small will lose impact, and plants that are too large will overwhelm a landscape.

Mix outdoor artificial plants with live plants to complete the landscape.

Functional Design Tips

Make sure the plants are designed for the area you are working in. For example, Polyblend, Autograph’s exclusive line of outdoor plants, have been designed for use in hard to access areas, low water environments, areas of no sun or too much sun, areas requiring low maintenance, or any other harsh growing conditions where native plants may not survive. And they are guaranteed to last!

If you are choosing an Indoor Polyester, “silk” plant for an outdoor planting, that guarantees failure and costly, frequent replacements. Silk plants are designed for climate controlled areas.

Choose containers or vessels that are conducive to the elements and environment that they will be exposed to. When choosing plants, ask if they come in a weighted base for easier anchoring into the container or bed. If a weighted base is not included, ask if one can be added for an additional fee. Be sure to budget that into your quote.

For plants going outdoors, ask for cement in the weighted base – it will withstand the weather conditions better than foam or plaster.

Ask what the stem is like on a plant, if a weighted base is not an option. Be sure to ask for length of stem and material it is made out of. Many times they can be anchored directly into cement or other construction substrate, to give a more natural “growing out of the ground” look.

Most plants are effectively shaped out (meaning height of plant ONLY), so the length of the stem is not included in the height of the plant.

Depending on the type of planting, several options MAY include, pea gravel, gravel, sand, spray foam, or cement. It is important that the plant be sturdy, so that it does not come out of the planting and damage property or any person. Be sure to research thoroughly the weather conditions in the area to choose the best weight for your plant!