Green walls, sometimes referred to Vertical Gardens, are the hottest thing since Apple’s release of the iPad. Living green walls require constant upkeep, but artificial foliage gives you the same feel, look, and real feel, but will last for years to come. Green walls are the current cutting edge of faux foliages design. Safe to install to any structure, indoors or out. Making dramatic statements with a welcoming appeal for your visitors. Durable for commercial or some personal settings, a Green wall can provide privacy or that lush appeal anywhere you want.

  • Green Walls can provide privacy or hide less than appealing structures.
  • A Green Wall can provide the feel of a lush green space without taking up the space.
  • Integrate Green Wall faux plants to take your greenery to another level.

Products Used

Aesthetic Design Tips

Create flow and movement.

Use different types of elements, succulents, grasses, mosses, rocks, etc.

Group plants together for more impact.

Choose color combinations that coordinate and contrast.

Choose materials that reflect the environment where they are displayed.

When choosing plants, choose a limited variety, so the design doesn’t become too busy.

Functional Design Tips

Make sure your substrate is easy to attach the plants to.

Attach the substrate to the wall securely. Adding plants to the front makes for a heavy object that could fall off the wall, causing damage. Make sure your stems are attached to the focal point of the plant – In other words, if the “head” of the plant snaps on and off the stem easily, secure it to the stem, BEFORE securing the stem to the wall, so elements of your design do not fall off.

If you want to be able to change some elements seasonally, be sure to plan for that in the budget AND the design. Choose plants of different heights to create shadow and interest. Use larger plants cut into smaller parts.