Atriums are designed to form a real feel of the outdoors, in an all-encompassing setting. Popular atrium settings either corporate settings, public places such as malls, hospitals or hotels. Atriums are typically open-air or ski lit areas. Surrounded by the building, it can be several stories and is usually the very first thing you see when entering the building. The height to area ratio primarily what makes an atrium different than a courtyard. Courtyards are typically unroofed areas that can be enclosed by the building itself.

  • Atriums feel like an open-air outdoor experience, indoors.
  • Courtyards are typically unroofed and exposed to elements.
  • Regardless of climate controlled or exposed to the sun, we have the right type of foliages.

Aesthetic Design Tips

Don’t overwhelm the space - many atriums and lobbies are designed to allow natural light in - try not to take away from the area

Scale your plants and their containers to the space

Make sure the plants and containers fit the style of the area

Place your plants strategically to create flow of traffic or block traffic or unsightly infrastructure

Functional Design Tips

Many public spaces require Inherently Fire Retardant Foliage - ask before quoting the job. It is better to know up front, than have a surprise visit from a Fire Marshall later!

Make sure your pdesign-center-atriumlants are secured well in the containers. Many times public spaces = touching plants. If in an area where there is an abundance of natural light - consider using a product designed with UV inhibitors already embedded in the material or purchasing a UV inhibiting spray.

If you have any questions about your design setting, please contact our designers.