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Polyblend® Outdoor Shrubbery

  • Proprietary Formula Used to Enhance Performance 100% Year Round.
  • 5 Year Limited Fade Warranty.
  • Installed in many high profile exterior applications and used by commercial landscapers & designers globally, since 1971.
  • Laboratory & Field Tested in extreme heat and cold, extreme sun and wind exposure.
  • Proven to outperform & outlast any other UV imitation silk or UV plastic material on the market today.
  • Continues to outperform in exterior applications over 5 + years in heat, sun, wind, and ice. 
  • Able to withstand the ravages of sun fading, wind, rain, ice, snow, and people.
  • "Problem Solver" originally designed for "hard-to-grow areas" and "hard-to-reach areas" with little to no maintenance required.
  • Serves as multi-purpose use in long-term applications:
  • Also Sold Inherently Fire Retardant as well as UV Resistant.
  • To accent and cover unsightly structures, affixed to buildings, fences, exterior garden walls, rooftops, balconies, and trellises. Brighten shaded or sun exposed areas, damp or dry.
  • Blends beautifully with Live landscapes! Enhances color and definition. See for yourself.

Warranty and Testing

polyblend outdoor warranty

5 YEAR Polyblend® Outdoor Plant Warranty

No other Manufacturer can compete. Best in the Industry!

Since 1971, Autograph has molded a line of outdoor shrubbery and tropicals designed to with stand the ravages, of sun, ice, wind, pollution, and people. Autograph stands strong against our Polyblend® products and we have the customers to prove it! With our Polyblend ® plants we offer a 5 year fade warranty.  Our product has been tested by a team of engineers and proven to last longer than any product out on the market.  Autograph manufactures high quality artificial, durable, premium, commercial grade outdoor plastic plants for with over 40 years of experience.

Testing and Proven Time and Time Again - LIFETIME PERFORMANCE

Our Polyblend® artificial plants have been proven and proven over time. With over 40 years of experience and knowledge in the industry, take look at our product and see for yourself.  Our Inherent Fire Retardant Polyblend® Artificial Plants meet all National Fire Prevention Association 701 Test for non-flammability plus ASTM E84-95, Standard Test Methods for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials.

Other Companies Guess

Other companies will make claims that their UV artificial plants and trees are made to last outdoors and will not fade. What they tell you is that they can only provide a ONE year warranty. Why? Because their product can not be guaranteed longer than one year. Autograph offers a 5 year warranty against fading! Autograph's Polyblend® Outdoor foliage can last up to 10 years in many regions of the United States. Please contact us for references!

Why Polyblend® Outdoor Plants?


We stand strong and proud by our product and name. Autograph Foliage carries a 5 YEAR FADE WARRANTY on all Polyblend® Outdoor Shrubbery. Polyblend® has been on the market for more than 40 years.


Subsequently, our technology  has been tested and proven to last longer outdoors in the sunlight and against harsh weather elements such as snow, wind, and rain in comparison to other imitation UV Rated artificial foliage.  Polyblend® will outlast all other UV rated plastic and silk artificial plants on the market.


Polyblend® formula is a PREMIUM grade of ingredients to resist fading and degradation for longer lasting use.


A commercial grade of material is used with Polyblend® as opposed to the cheaper and thinner plastic used by imitation outdoor UV plants.


Polyblend® pays for itself


Polyblend® pays for itself: low maintenance, low turnover, long-term usage, more cost effective.


Perhaps more important, Polyblend® is simply more natural looking and realistic than the imitation outdoor UV plants,


whose inconsistent color fades too soon looking very unnatural in appearance.

Polyblend Outdoor FAQ's

Q.) Can I put my artificial plants outdoors?
A.) Silks and regular Plastic artificials will not survive nature’s elements outdoors ie. direct sunlight, rain, or wind. We recommend our Polyblend® Outdoor plants and trees for outdoor use. Autograph’s Polyblend® products are made with a proprietary formula to resist sun light fading and endure ravages of rain and wind. Autograph does not warranty any regular silk or regular plastic products (non-Polyblend) against fading.


Q.) Is there anything I can do to prolong the life of my Polyblend® product?
A.) Yes. And the care you provide can differ from region to region. For example, southern states (such as FL) get more sunlight and plants will be exposed to stronger UV therefore year round exposure will accelerate deterioration more so than in northern states. Also exposure to salty air near the ocean and high humidity year round will affect the condition of the plants more so than regions with milder year round weather. Storing Polyblend® plants away during the harsh winter months in northern region will prolong life even more than exposure outdoors year round.

Polyblend® VS Imitation Outdoor UV/Plastic Plants

Polyblend® Outdoor

Imitation Outdoor UV Plants

1.  Proprietary formula to resist fading and degration for a longer lasting use

2.  Pays for itself – Low Maintenance/Low Turnover/More Cost effective

3.  Widely Used/Preferred by Known Companies such as Disney World, and Resorts such as MGM Grand Hotel, and Mirage Hotel

4.  Natural Looking / Realistic Rich Color

1.  Won’t last as long as Polyblend®.

2.  Will need to change out plants more frequently

3.  Not recommended.

4.  Faded/Inconsistent Color

Silk Fading

Silk (Fabric) Plant In Direct Sunlight Inside Near Window 6+ Mos.

Polyblend® Plant in Direct Sunlight Outside for Over 1 year

silk non-uv fading artificial outdoor banyon
Fading results in leaves turning bluish color. Maintains its original color
Polyblend® Outdoor Withstands All Types of Weather
Polyblend® Outdoor Banyan Branches In Cleveland Finest Winter Weather